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My lazy ass!!

2003-06-15 @ 11:40 a.m.

Have you ever had one of those days that you just want to be lazy? I have been having that for weeks now. Granted, I get stuff done...just not as soon as I want to, and I keep trying to motivate myself as much as I can...but, here I am, 20 minutes to 12, been up since 10, and I have soooo much to do today and I'm being a lazy ass! I haven't woke up DJ (my bird) up yet and I haven't jumped in the shower yet to get my butt motivated. I don't know what it's 85 degrees outside already and I love question, why am I still sitting here in cyberworld when I have so much to do today? I don't know. I really don't.

Well, I still haven't heard from Paul if he is going to tell me that everything is alright with Holleigh after I told him about my dream. Ugh...I know, I said a while back that I decided to let go, and I kind of have, but, it's just so difficult, it's like, I don't know where to start and I feel like I'm going around in circles with it all...***sigh*** I don't know...if anyone has any clues where to start, I'm open...I need some fresh ideas. I must say, I wish I knew why I love him so much because I have never had problems getting over someone as much as I am with Paul. I just really need to walk away...I really do.

Well, I better get my slacker lazy ass in the shower and get my stuff done...or else I'll be kicking myself in the ass for not getting it

Blessed Be!!