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Laptop fixed!!!

2004-04-04 @ 10:20 p.m.

YAY!!! My laptop is fixed. Dan fixed it for me today. And at the moment is typing me up a story. He wrote one, which was really good, and refused to save it. :o( Hopefully he'll save this one for me.

It's nice that my laptop is working again. I can type up my stories that I'm writing and my poetry rather than having to write it all down. Usually I will put it in my main computer, but if my system crashes like it has many times before I donít want to take the risk of losing them. Iíve lost so many of my poetry and my stories from my system crashing; I just canít lose them anymore. You wouldnít believe how much I have lost things, stories, poetry, pictures, music, etc just from my system crashing on me. The last one was the worse when I thought that it was my hard drive because my system refused to boot back up. I replaced the hard drive, and still nothing. Come to find out it was my CPU fan that had died. Thank goodness that it didnít ruin anything else in my system. But, I did lose EVERYTHING!!! So now, the hard drive has been reformatted and placed in Jennís computer. Which is a good thing with her being addicted to the Roller Coaster Tycoon game that I gave her. (Hehe, Luv ya Jenn)

So anywayÖmy weekend has been really good. It was nice and relaxing. Lets see, Friday Jenn and I hung out and made some music cdís and then Dan came over, we hung out and took him to work at 6 am then I came back home and slept (sorry Dan) :o) I slept for four hours, and my phone kept ringing. Then Jenn and I hung out went to have lunch at Wing Stop and went bowling afterwards. The last night of bowling for the season, thank goodness. We had a potluck at bowling and it was good. Lots of wings left over and Dan and I ate some of it today. Sorry Jenn, Dan ate all the Cajun, and I the original hot. :o)~ I picked up Dan last night and today we challenged each other in computer games all day. It was a good day, and still is since Dan is still here making something on the laptop that I have no clue. He says that heís being creative. Lol. Dan also made me a couple of cdís that I will bring with me to work to listen to while working away in my own little world.

Also, Dad and I are still doing the E-bay thing. I kinda forgot to watch one of the steins and I got outbid on it. Funny Dad knew that I forgot to watch it, but I kind of talked my way out of that one. Whew!!!

Iím not looking forward to going to work tomorrow. For one, itís Monday, and everyone knows how much I hate Mondays! But, obviously I have no choice and have to go. At least I wonít be doing claims for the next 2 weeks. Iíll be busy listening to our wonderful call center. Well, I guess I canít say that I wonít be doing claims, I still have to do my pharmacies just because Iím the only one that knows how to do them. Eventually, Iíll have to train the rest of them on how to do them. Iím just not looking forward to listening and recording phone calls all day for 2 weeks straight. Why? Because a lot of them usually donít know what they are doing and it drives me nuts! I guess itís because Iím so detailed oriented and picky on things of the way they are done when it comes to work because I like things to be done correctly the first time. But, since Iím QC, the office doesnít work that way and itís my responsibility (and the rest of QC) to make sure that our keyers and call agents and all departments do things correctly and if they donít we have to correct them. **Sigh** what a life.

But, hey, at least my personal life is going good actually better than good, more of great! Itís been better since Dan and I have met and I havenít laughed or smiled this much in years. Trust me, ask Jenn she keeps telling me I look so cute and that Iím just as she calls me ďa freakĒ (not literally of course) I love her though, Iím glad that her and I are best friends and continue to be till the day we die. Itís all good though, still doing some catch up on some things, but Iím getting there. Iím not stressing so much on a lot of stuff. Life is just too short to stress it away. The funny thing is, before meeting Dan, thatís all I did was stress about so much stuff that has been going on in my life, and I donít know what it is but, itís like so much of the stress has lifted, and itís nice. I have to admit that I love this feeling that Iím having of the stress not affecting me so much and I feel so so so much happier. I donít know what it is that he does to me, but, seriously, I feel like he saved me from so much and he didnít have to do anything but walk into my life. Iím happy when Iím with him, Iím happy when I talk to him, and Iím happy when I think of him, which has been so much, every moment of the day since weíve met. Iím happy, heís happy, thatís all that matters.

Well, I have to close for now, spend some time with Dan now that heís done writing his stories in my laptop.

Much Love~