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Kitty & DJ

2004-03-03 @ 5:18 p.m.

Today has just been one of those days. Just boring. I worked all day and got all my work done for the week except one task, and it's only Wednesday. What am I going to do the rest of the week? I guess I could help everyone else out, but, they don't help me out. But, I know that if I don't help them out, I'll feel guilty for not doing so. It's just me I guess.

Sunday, Kitty finally moved in. My new black cat. She so wants to go outside, but, she knows that I won't let her. If I do, as Dustin says, at least I'll know where she is, either roaming around the lot or at the club house where she used to live. Yesterday morning I tried to introduce her and DJ (my bird) to each other. She was sniffing on the floor, she didn't even see DJ above her in his cage and here was DJ staring down at her. Next thing I know, DJ freaked a little and Kitty took off running, so, I shut the door and calmed DJ down. This is going to be a slow process to get them used to each other.

Kitty sleeps on the bed with me but only comes in the bedroom after DJ is covered and gone to sleep. She has learned that she isn't allowed in the bedroom during the day until it's time to go to bed. She's starting to get comfortable here, she started playing with her toys this morning, but, she still meows to let me know she wants to go outside. She's very talkative and when she meows at me she gets me to follow her to the door and I keep telling her she can't go outside.

The first night she was here, I didn't sleep till 3 am because she didn't know what to do with herself. Now, she finds a spot on the bed, and when I wake in the morning, she's on top of my chest. Of course, I woke this morning with new scratches on my arm, yet Linda says this is her way of showing loves. It's starting to seem that she will be my alarm clock in the mornings because she likes waking me up so early.

She's a very good cat, and I know she misses the club house so much. I'm still not sure how well this is going to work with DJ locked up in my room. He's pretty mad at me right now because he doesn't get to hang out and walk around and do whatever like he used to. Plus, I'm lucky that so far my allergic reaction to cats haven't appeared yet or affected my asthma either. It's just a matter or time, or either that my allergic reaction has subsided. But, I have to admit, I love dogs more. And eventually I will get one. I'm thinking of either a Lhasa Apso because they are so smart or a Pug, which they are so cute. No matter what I get, he or she would have to be under 25 lbs.

Well, I have so much to do around here, Dustin will be over later bringing me more fish for my tank and some cool lava rocks. He was also talking that if Matt isn't serious about the tank that Dustin is going to give him then he will be giving it to me. I'm a bit excited about it. It's much bigger than what I have right now.

Anyway, ciao for now.

Blessed Be!!

Much Love,