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Jibber Jabber

2004-04-07 @ 2:07 p.m.

Ok, so today Iím working on about an hour of sleep. Dan closes tonight so heíll be able to get some sleep before he goes to work; at least I hope he does.

So, hereís my day yesterdayÖ

I left work at 4 and headed to Super Target, I needed to get some hairspray and decided I wanted to get Dan a card just to let him know I was thinking about him. Itís a cool card actually; on the front it has the clear blue night sky with a full moon on it and a shooting star with a wolf at the bottom howling. You open the card and it says: ďI made a wish and you came true.Ē Which was just the perfect card. I did tell him the other day that I honestly believe that my grandparents sent him my way to make me happy. And he smiled. So anyway, I also got some yummy incense at a very good price of $.89 cents per box and got Sandalwood, Patchouli, and Jasmine. Then, I went home and had planned on a Ĺ hour nap that ended up being 2 hours. I chilled for a couple of hours until I had to go and pick up Dan.

So, anyway, I went and picked up Dan at work at 10 last night, but before that I went to go get him his cloves. He forgot to go and buy some and of course you canít just go into the gas station to buy cloves, you have to go to a cigarette store or a head shop. Well, almost everyone was closed, then I called Home Sweet Home (a head shop) and when I spoke to the guy I knew I wasnít going to get there on time before they closed and so he told me he would wait for me. I got there and got the cloves and neither one of us had the right amount of change, so he gave me what he had and I told him to keep the rest for waiting for me. Which ended up being like $6.00. He told me that the next time Iím there to come see him and he will give me a discount on whatever I want, told him that works. So we went our separate ways with cloves in my hand I got in my car and headed to Danís work.

I drove up to his work and I see Matt there in the parking lot. So, I called him on his phone and asked what he was doing there, he said that he was there to pick up Tom. Dan told me later on that he didnít even know that Matt was out there. But, thatís ok. So Dan says, ďlets go homeĒ and I asked if we needed to go to his place, but we didnít. So, we get home, and decided to have a ďfewĒ beers, we were both drunk when we went to bed, and didnít go to sleep until 4:30 am this morning and I had to be up at 5:00 am, but, got up at 5:30 instead. So, this leads to my one hour of sleep. And I have to say, even after having a quadruple latte and a Mountain Dew, Iím feeling it. Lol.

So, here I am QCíing the call center, what joy. I feel like Iím interfering in their privacy, but, this is what we do and itís not personal calls anyway, but, when they do have the personal calls, I feel like Iím intruding into their privacy. And unfortunately I canít pause it while I am QCíing them to mute the conversation, I just canít record it. I feel like Iíve been here at work for over 15 hours or so when it has only been 6 hours. I guess when I play I gotta pay!!!

Alas, bowling is done for the season. This Saturday will be our first day to not bowl. Itís going to be nice having the Saturday night again. Then the following Saturday is our banquet. That should be fun, weíre heading to Central City, and I hope I win some big bucks!!!

Well, Iím just jabbering away, so, I better get going for now.

Much Love~