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I don't know

2003-08-11 @ 7:23 p.m.

Amazing that today wasn't too bad for a Monday. My friend Matt started at the office today. We've been friends since October of last year and recently was in need of a job and so I referred him to my boss and well, today was his first day. I have to admit, he still looks good. I hardly ever see him and now, well, I get to see him everyday, which is pretty cool. I'm sure that it will boost our friendship, make it stronger anyway. He's a great guy. Kevin had me training him today. I forgot how fun it is to be around Matt. He's so funny, and he makes me laugh. Which is a good thing. I don't laugh very much anymore, and I wish I did more often. Hopefully soon I will again.

Anyway, other than that, things are going alright. I haven't heard from Kyle in a while. Not really sure what's up with that...and I don't think I probably will. It kinda really sucks ass, but, there isn't really much to do about it. I probably should just forget about him and the fact that there was anything even there. So, I probably should just let it go. I guess there's no reason to hold on to something that isn't there, right? Maybe it is a good thing that nothing came to fruit, it would have just been another heartache again. Something I really don't need in my life.

My concentration is getting my financial situation all straightened out. That's what I need to do, and MUST work on. Ugh...sometimes I just really hate my life. I really do...***sigh***

Blessed Be!