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Hectic Tuesday

2004-05-18 @ 2:45 p.m.

Today has just been horridly hectic! First off I wake up at 8:00 am, mind you, I am to be at work at 7:30! Yeah, I didnít get to work until 9:15, so now Iím here late to make up for it today and tomorrow. After work here I have to haul ass to the bowling alley to go to work there then after that pick up Dan so I wonít even be home until 10:30 tonight! UGH!!!

I feel like I havenít accomplished anything here at work. Iím fucking broke right now; Iím low on gas in my car and almost out of cigs. I forgot to feed the fish this morning before I left. I closed my bank account today because itís just too much of a hassle driving to Cheyenne every time I have to make a deposit, which in turn adds miles to my car that I donít want on there. And Mom still not talking to me at all. I wore a white shirt to work and got blue ink all over it. And my head is pounding like crazy!!! How much worse can it even get?

Tonight I am definitely having some beers to just calm down. Itís been the day from hell. Everyone gave me crap for not waking up on time, and they all mentioned, ďDan didnít stay last night did he? So youíre late cuzí you canít wake in the morningĒ And itís true, my alarm clock never went off this morning, Dan is a morning person and always makes sure that I am out of bed on time and he didnít stay last night. He will be staying tonight though. Thank goodnessÖnot only because he helps me get up on time but also because we both love falling asleep and waking up next to each other in each otherís arms. I feel very safe in his arms.

Kevin still thinks that by September that Dan and I would be married. I just told him, go on with your bad self-Kevin. I doubt that he would want to marry me but then again I might be wrong, you never know, a lot can happen in our relationshipÖ.lol.

Dammit, tonight Dan and I are curling up having some beers, watch TV and chill out and wash away our long day! **Sigh**

Dan is so good to me its awesome! Itís so nice to FINALLY have a real true deep relationship with someone that cares for me as much as I do for him and doesnít hit me or verbally abuse me unlike some people like Sean and Paul. Itís nice that I was able to find someone better than all the rest that have been in my life. Itís about damn time!!!

I have to say, itís an awesome feeling and never felt this happy in a relationship before. And Danís happy too, heís even told me, he tells his friends that heís happy. Our relationship is equal, the way a relationship should be. Heís just an awesome influence in my life. And as I said, better than any man (besides my dad) that has been in my life, especially relationship wise.

Well, I better go so that I can get some work done and actually feel like I accomplished something today. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~