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Happy Trails to meeee....

Thursday, Mar. 17, 2005 @ 12:36 p.m.

Yesterday it felt like a Monday! Iím not sure if Iím coming or going this week. I worked a 12 hour shift on Tuesday, worked late Monday, didnít wake up on time yesterday. I was so exhausted yesterday that when I got home from work I planned on taking an hour nap, well, I didnít wake up in an hour, I woke up this morning.

On top of all of this Iím in the middle of packing for my move at the beginning of April. This I am definitely excited about!!! I hate having to pack and move everything but I love unpacking and putting everything in new places. Of course itís kinda fun (but not really) going through everything that you have and seeing what you still have. Then thereís the ďreminiscingĒ of it all when you run into photo albums. I found an old album that had pictures of my best friend in Montana-Chelsa- and pictures of the crazy things we used to do. Then I spoke to her the same evening and she was telling me about how she just found her copies as well. Itís so ironic.

Anyway, back to moving. I canít believe how much dust is on everything, itís just whacked that my asthma is trying to tell me to quit inhaling the shit. But what can you do, right? Although tonight Iíll probably put something over my face so that I donít breath the dust in. Iíll be the ďMasked Duster MoverĒ lol.

My hall closetÖ.OMG!!!! My hall closet isnít very big, itís made just to put your coats in, itís probably as big as a bathroom stall just the depth of it is Ĺ of a bathroom stall. So, Iím going through everything, pulling boxes down and I find 3 boxes of Christmas decorations that havenít been used since Paul and I split. Lots of Christmas ornaments, a star to put at the top of the tree that Paul, Holleigh and I picked out and I just looked at it, thinking about keeping it then I thought ďyou know, itís been sitting here for 4 YEARS!!! Apparently I havenít used them or even miss using themĒ so the decision was made and now they are going to a new home. Iíve already got rid of the touch lamps and my hunter green halogen lamp which both came from Paul. I donít need the ďhistoryĒ in my house anymore.

In that same closet, I found 3-4 other boxes just full of miscellaneous items (crap to me-but treasures to someone else), those will be leaving to a new home today. I found my bowling trophies that Iíve received growing up-I only have Ĺ of them, the rest are still at my parents house. Those I will definitely keep. There were a couple of suitcases in that closet FULL of computer parts. (The joys of being a computer geekÖlol) so I went through those, found 3 keyboards, 2 mice, 2 printers and many many parts. Both printers are going to new homes, 1 keyboard and 2 of the mice will be going to new homes as well. And of course the parts, well I kept those that are worth keeping, tossed out those that I felt wasnít worth anything to anyone and found new homes that are worthy that I donít need.

Again, in that same closet, I found my roller blades which are 2-3 sizes too big for me, those have found a home, I gave them to a charity for them to give it to a child that canít afford a pair. Found 6 jackets, my Columbia jacket Iíve decided to keep, along with my Vail pullover. The jean jacket and sheepskin vest has found a new home. My trench coat that no longer fits Iíve decided to keep that for now. And then thereís my very very thick military parka that Paul gave me and Iíve decided to keep that for any emergencies. My dad has several of them as well. These military parkas ROCK!!! So, Iím keeping it.

My next adventure, the kitchen cupboards and the storage shed on my deck. The storage shed should be a joy considering there is so so so much in there. I thought that the hall closet was bad; well the storage has bigger and fuller boxes in there. I have 21 days left to weed through everything. And believe me, thereís A LOT to weed through. **Sigh**

Tonight I will be doing more digging and packing and hopefully there is more to get rid of which Iím pretty damn sure that there will be. But weíll see.

So currently, that is my goal is to get rid of A LOT of things and once move do some cool redecorating.

SooooÖ.happy trails to me!!! Lol! Blessed Be!!

Much Love~