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What's been going on???

Saturday, Nov. 12, 2005 @ 8:16 a.m.

Hey allÖsorry about not posting in a whileÖitís been crazy. Iíve been working very very long hours since Deb was fired but I have to say that for a while there the overtime was great. I was getting a MINIMUM of 120 hours every 2 weeks since August and now itís finally calmed down some. Iím still working lots of hours but itís gone down to 101 hours since we brought someone in. Iím still working late and doing the work of 4 people but Iím also training too. Itís a good thing I thrive on working on PCís because it just made working the extra hours easy. Now Iím on the hunt for a second job for the holidays to make extra cash.

Not too much have been going on really. Mostly been work and Dan and I trying to get a house. I did have a few mishaps of my own that have happened but I wonít go into it. The fact is I just donít even want to think about it anymore and just working on preventing this ďmishapĒ to happen.

The house is a cute little brick house, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and a double garage. Which the garage would be perfect to store my Grand Am in so that I can work on getting the rear damage fixed and start driving it again. Therefore, thatís where the extra cash will definitely be handy. The house is on the corner lot in a good area near a school and good neighbors so thatís a plus. Hopefully weíll be in it by December. Weíve been having to deal with this other couple that keeps outbidding us but this last bid they couldnít get the loan on it and so itís back to us. Weíre just waiting now for the paperwork to go through. There are more details but I just donít want to go into it.

I just got done removing like 10 junk messages in my guest bookÖ.does anyone else run into these where you get so much junk in there that are ads? It definitely irritates me. UGH!

My parents were down a couple times visiting since I last wrote in here. Iíve been sick with a horrible bug that I think it was between a cold and the flu. Iím still trying to shake it off but it isnít as bad as it was. But now Dan has it. I told him if he kisses me heís going to get sick, but he kept kissing me anyway and now heís sick with the same bug. Poor guy. :o(

Well, thatís been pretty much whatís been going on really. Iíll have to try and make time to write in here more often itís just a matter finding time to do so. Hope all is well and I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Dan and I will be having Thanksgiving at his dadís this year. It will be nice not having to do major cooking, it will be the first time in years considering I usually do the cooking. People just have a knack for my turkeyÖ.hmmm, go figureÖitís a Filipino secretÖLOL. Blessed Be!

Much Love~