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Hackers!!!! BEWARE!!!

2004-06-02 @ 1:58 p.m.

I havenít written in a while. Been busy working, spending time with Dan and working on my computer. And I still havenít finished or should I say started on my procedure manuals. Which I HAVE TO work on those this week!

Anyway, apparently someone has tapped into my computer, when I looked at my users administrative area; someone elseís machine has been linked to mine. Thereís only one person that I know of that would do this to me, but then again it may not be him and could be someone else with all the hackers out there these days. Iím a hacker too but I donít go out and jump and spy on someone elseís machine because I donít want someone to do it to me, but apparently, someone has done it to me. Itís frustrating, I canít even get any of my anti-virus things going or my defrag. I canít even re-download my anti-virus, when I go look on the net for anything that has to do with anti-virus programs I click on the work virus and it shuts down my system. The one I have installed, it tells me I donít have permission to go into the administrative area! HELLO!!! ITíS MY COMPUTER! Ugh! You donít know how frustrating this is getting.

So, the last few days Iíve been saving everything that I need to keep on my system and burning them to disc, and itís taking longer than I thought that it would. **Sigh** what a pain in my ass!!! But, its must get done.

Ok, so my friend Jamie was just in my diary and noticed itís been at least a week since Iíve written in there. She asked if Iím slacking! Lol! Iím getting there to get caught up, no worriesÖ.hehe. She says Iíve had plenty of time, but, ya know, I procrastinate at times and I am just ummmÖbusyÖlol.

Speaking of busy, I should get going and get back to work. Itís a short week this week and has lots to do to meet my quota. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~