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Great News!!!

Saturday, Apr. 16, 2005 @ 11:24 a.m.

Well FINALLY, I am all moved out of the old place and in my new place. My parents came down to help me move and ended up staying an extra day because of our snow blizzard that we had Sunday. But itís all-good. I love the fact that my parents LOVE Dan! Itís awesome!!! When my parents were leaving, mom gave Dan a hug and told him to take care of me. My mother NEVER has hugged any guy that Iíve been with, including my x-husband. My mom didnít even give my x a hug on the day that we were married. So I was so happy and impressed that my parents love him. Itís great!

Now, all I have to do is put my new place in order. Everything is still in boxes and bags, well almost everything so that is my goal today is to try and get everything back in order.

Also, I have more great news. I got another promotion last week on April 8th. Nick was fired and I was promoted on the same day. Everyone in the office has been congratulating me and yes I get a nice hefty raise with my new position. I just received my annual raise and now Iím getting another one for my promotion. Also, Iím finally getting for the first time in my life of working an office with a door and a window! I have been working double duty because I have to continue to do my old position and my new position until we find someone to fill my old position.

I personally thanked Jeanne (our account deputy manager who was promoted as well to our main account manager) but I personally thanked her for giving me the opportunity and putting me in the LAN department. She knew that I was more of a computer ďgeekĒ and handed me the position in the LAN department and set me on my own and now Iíve moved up again with a good raise. At first she didnít want to take the credit for it but then when Deb and I told her, because of her Iím in this department and it has served me well for my career that Iím doing what I went to school for and she blushed and said ďok, Iíll take the credit, I knew that you could do it and that it was a perfect position for you, and your very welcome, Iím so happy for youĒ. Jeanne is an awesome lady and I love her dearly! Iíve been in this department for 8 months and have received good praises for my work and many atta-boys and management awards since I have been in this department and Iím loving every minute of it. This is the most happy I have ever been in a job, and to me this company is not just a job for me, itís my career. Weíre worldwide so if I ever want to move to another state, Iíll still be with my company, but I think I will stay here for a while.

Anyway, I have lots to do today and wanted to share my wonderful news with everyone. Blessed Be!!!

Much Love~