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Gross & Boring

2004-10-15 @ 10:52 a.m.

Itís Friday and Iím ready to go home. Itís only 10:14 am but I was awake at 3:30 to bring Dan to work then went back home and fell back asleep and woke up late at 6:00 and had to be here at 6:30. On the way in there were numerous accidents on I-25 and so naturally I didnít get in until 6:50. Itís just been a hectic morning and Iím ready to go home and yes, go back to bed!

Dan and Matt have a softball tournament tomorrow so Jenn and I will be going to that tomorrow all day. Thank goodness itís supposed to be nice out. Dan will be hanging out with Matt tonight since they have to get up early for batting practice in the morning and Jenn and I will be hanging out tonightÖThey are having a guys thing and Jenn and I are having a girl thing tonight.

Anyway Matt brought Dan home (to my house) last night after the softball game they had and Matt asked about seeing the beheading videos online. Dan and I didnít think they would have a clip of any of them online well, we were wrong. I forgot you could find ANYTHING on the Internet. You can find any of the beheadings anywhere online if you type in Nick Bergís name. Itís such a tragedy and my heart goes out to his family and the others as well that were beheaded.

When it came on last night when they showed it Dan told me he didnít want me to watch it. He didnít want me to have nightmares or get sick or anything. I have a strong stomach but I have to say it was pretty gross. They literally showed them sawing through the bones. Dan felt ill to his stomach and I started crying. It was horrible. And then the anger sat in with Dan, Matt and myself about the beheadings. Itís just humanly WRONG!!! All I can say is we need to bring our troops and our civilians home!

So, anyway, enough of the gross stuff. If you want to go watch it youíre going to have to go and find it. Sorry. Iíll just warn you that itís in detail-literally so prepare yourself. Go at your own risk.

Iím sitting here and I have all my work done and I just feel kinda bored outta my mind!!! I think Iíll go take a power nap during lunch too. I canít seem to keep my eyes opened. Iíll read up on our open enrollment it needs to be done anyway. **Sigh** and Iím sure I can continue to work on my reports that Iím revising. As much as I donít want to look at them today, Iím going to have to. Fridays are supposed to go by fast for some reason today is going by slow and I do not understand why. But it sucks big time.

Apparently, yesterday someone had sent me a gift certificate for a restaurant and since I left early for a drís appointment yesterday Dara had called to tell me about it the same time I left. So I go up to her today and asked about the envelope and well when she went to go find it it was gone. Janet (this lady is the #1 Ditz!!!) said that she saw it and figured it was junk mail and just threw it out since we are not allowed to get personal mail. For one I wasnít expecting the thing to come in, and Dara said that it was already opened. You know the least Janet could have done was brought it to me and say, ďHey, we arenít allowed to get personal mailĒ or something rather than just assuming and throw it away. I was a little pissed about that. Isnít that like tampering with someoneís mail or something? Who knows?

Well, Iím sure that this entry is pretty boring today so I better get going. Iím going to go and sneak off for my lunch and take a power nap. That always helps. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~