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2003-09-24 @ 10:39 p.m.

I have to say that I'm very excited about Friday night and meeting up with Michael. :o) He called today to just say hello and thought that I misread his e-mail, which of course I didn't. It's so cool that we are on the same wave length on things. It's not very often that you find that in the opposite sex. I've learned to realize that things go so well when I am with someone that is a Capricorn, and well, guess what, lo and behold, he's a Capricorn! Another bonus! I probably said that in my last entry, but, oh well...

Kevin was teasing me today and said that I'm all "gaga" with Michael, I was like, yeah, ok...if you think so and just laughed. Matt on the other hand is a tad bit jealous. It's kind of funny and cute in a way. I can just see it in his face today when I told him that I have a date on Friday, and then he was all worried that I was going to abandon him as a friend, and of course, I told him that I wouldn't. Then he asked me about going to the Metaphysical Fair with him, we went to it together last year. I told him that we will see what happens but probably because he knows that I love going to those. At the end of the day he usually just leaves and doesn't say bye, but, for some odd reason, he did today. So, who knows what roams around in his mind. He's always afraid to talk to me about girls that he goes out with, probably thinking that I would be jealous...but, I don't. There's no reason to. Matt and I tried the next level of friendship before, and it just didn't work, we are much better as friends and and I just intend on keeping it that way.

Other than that things were good today. Although, I probably am a little "gaga" over Michael at the moment...but, doesn't everyone get that way when first meeting someone that you feel some attraction to?

Well, it's late and I'm, going to bed now.

Nighty Night everyone!!

Blessed Be!!