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You have changed....

Wednesday, Jul. 18, 2007 @ 6:57 a.m.

You have changed?

I search in vain,
cannot find the root.
Where it is that this
transformation has come from?

Why has it come about, what does it feed on?
Tell me what it is that torments?
What pain gestates in your very soul,
for you to be vexed and lash out.

Once we were close, like two sides of a coin.
So close where words had no ground.
Today I am lucky if you still call me friend.
The cold reaching my very bones.

The silence speaks volumes
of a departing union,
but gives me no reason for relief.
A slab of ice between us that needs shattering!

Surely a word or two to
each other would help, help
us both overcome whatever
there needs to be addressed.

I surely wish that you would
at least redress the issues,
for which I am truly at a loss;
wanting only reparation for a friendship now sadly lost.

Written by ~V~

Good luck to you Jenn and wanted to say I'm sorry you took our friendship away...I don't know why and you won't say.

Take Care and Blessed Be....~V~