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The Verge of Explosion!!

2004-08-05 @ 7:39 p.m.

Iím on the verge of explosion!!! The last two weeks I have been training every single person in the QC department that I am leaving and it has kept me so inundated that I havenít had the chance to breath! Itís just crazy. I transition into my new department on Monday, which will be systems unit, and Iím now a LAN Support Technician. I just love the sound of my new title.

Oh but the stress of all this training. NO ONE in my QC department knows how to do any of the work that I do and it is just so frustrating. Especially with the temp that Iím training as well that has absolutely no insurance or QC background whatsoever and does NOT know how to listen. She tries to challenge me with my job and I have to say, she picked the wrong person to challenge with because I can be just as challenging if not worse. I received so many responses of the people that sit around me about how her and I got into it on Monday. They just couldnít believe their ears. My work is the one thing that I am very anal about because I like to get things done right the first time. And if you donít listen to what Iím explaining and canít figure it out then you shouldnít be doing the job that you have no experience in. Of course, she got in this department because of being ďfriendsĒ or possible ďrelatedĒ to some people in management and no one in the department is very happy about it.

There are a lot of changes going on in the QC department and I have to admit that I am extremely happy that I will no longer be in that department. Some people that Iím not too fond of has moved into the department and some well most of the changes that are being done, well, lets just say they arenít very good and one by one Iím sure people are going to start weeding out of there. The first ones of course Jeff by no choice since he passed away, Steph decided not to return after having her baby then they moved Kevin our supervisor to another department which I think he is much happier in considering the changes going on in QC and then thereís myself which I got out of there just in the nick of time. I just couldnít take it anymore. The originals were Kevin, Jeff, Steph and myself and Iím the last to go of the four of us. And all of us by choice except for Jeff. But I know that if Jeff were still with us, he would have wanted to get out as well.

I have not been this stressed like this due to a job in a very very very long time. But at least I know that I am going into a department that is much better and will be doing things that I enjoy doing. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~