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Election Time...Is it done yet?

2004-10-31 @ 10:41 p.m.

Thank goodness election time only comes every 4 years. Itís just really starting to get old listening to all the campaign commercials, everyone talking about the candidates, all the signs up everywhere, and anymore this is all you hear about in the news. As well as reading them online through a lot of diaries and blogs as well as when you click on web page sites such as MSN, Yahoo, etc. Itís just really starting to get old. Thank goodness itís 2 more days till the election then weíll have to hear about the winner for about what? Another week or so then HOPEFULLY no more hearing so much about it.

Although, if you read in the news now Bin Laden has appeared again, and in all honesty perfect timing (even though he should be locked up by now or whatever done to him for what heís done to us) but the reason I say perfect timing is because we are at election time and it gives everyone a chance to see what steps or statements Bush and Kerry are going to say, and see what their reactions are and what they will do about it. Even though they canít really do much until the election is over I mean of course Bush can do something right now since he is our current president, but you and I both know he isnít going to do shit. He hasnít done anything yet except send our troops out there and canít bring them all home yet. Heís lost track of what weíre fighting for.

You know the scary thing is is the fact that our troops donít have enough weapons. This I know for a FACT! Hereís why. I have a friend that I work with that knows someone that works in Washington DC who in fact works in the department where they issue the supplies, weapons etc to the troops. And she was telling my friend when the war started as well as recently that we never did have enough weapons or supplies for our troops. That they have been only giving each soldier ľ of what they should be getting. Weíre not talking just weapons, weíre talking supplies too, food, toilet paper, toothpaste, etc. The small stuff and the big stuff. And then thereís Bush telling us that they have enough weapons that theyíve always had enough weapons when in fact they never did. The lady that works in Washington DC was saying that she felt so horrible and sad because there arenít enough to give our troops and how it pisses her off that Bush can sit there in front of live television and tell this nation that our troops have enough stuff. I say BULLSHIT to Bush!

When his father was president we had the war in Saudi Arabia and my brother was sent to that war and thank God he came home safely and then there was no war when we had Clinton, and then here comes Bush Jr and we ended up in war again and now I have 2 cousins that are brothers, one in the Air Force and one in the Navy and they are there in Iraq. I understand that we had to fight for what they did to our Twin Towers and I seriously believe that Bush forgot why he sent our troops out there.

In my opinion, we need a fresh new president and I think Kerry will be good. If youíve noticed Clinton is cheering for Kerry that should tell us something considering even though Clinton was a womanizer, he still was a good President. Guess weíll see what happens this week when they announce the winner. I bet you canít guess whom Iím voting forÖhmmm let me give you a hint, itís not Bush. :o) Sorry to all you Bush voters that Iím voting for Kerry but we are all entitled to our own opinion and our own vote. I donít have anything against those that will vote for Bush, itís YOUR CHOICE who you want to vote for, we all have a choice all I can say is let the best man win. So, good luck to everyone.

After I read a few blogs I couldnít believe that some people though, those that are voting for Kerry and those that are voting for Bush they make it into such a verbal war. I ran into one blog that was just saying the meanest things about Democrats and those that will vote Democrat as if it was a ďwarĒ. I have never seen people get this nasty about any Presidential election, as this one has become. Itís just crazy!

Ok, so Iíve said my peace about the election and so letís just move on to something else shall we?

This whole weekend seemed long yet short. Friday night I just stayed home and chilled out and Dan was home sick. He got hit by the flu bug from work starting Monday and Tuesday then he was fine Wednesday besides a runny nose and his stomach still upset then he was really sick Thursday and Friday.

Yesterday he was a little better and I wasnít feeling very good. I puked a couple of times but my morning started out with dry heaves, I hate those. I was supposed to help my friend Suzette move but from not feeling too great I wouldnít have been much help. Saturday night Dan and I decided we needed to do something and get our blood circulation flowing from being sick so we went bowling. It was the first time I have bowled since my car accident and at first it was fine but then my injuries started acting up. We bowled 5 games and I was a bit leery the whole time and didnít bowl normal was more cautious than anything because I wasnít sure how well my injuries were able to handle it. After that we came home and chilled. Today while Dan was at work I just finished things around the house and Dan decided to cook dinner for me this evening. Dan had to work this morning and had the afternoon off but tonight he is back at work working a graveyard shift. Danís schedule has changed until January. Starting tonight and going until January Dan will be working graveyard shifts so weíll see how this all turns out.

We got our first snowfall of the season today here in the lower elevations of the mountains. Of course I live in the foothills and so we get a bit more than in the city. It started snowing about 7:30 and Dan had to be back at work at 9pm. We left here at about 8:35 and there was about an inch of snow well I got back home within 30 minutes and there was already 4 inches of snow. Itís now 10:35 and I just looked outside and weíre at 6 inches of snow. But within a couple of days is should be melting because itís supposed to warm back up again. The wind is blowing pretty good outside and itís pretty wet and cold and tomorrow is just going to be such joy going to work. Ugh.

So, because of this wonderful snow we are having right now I really should be getting to bed since I have to get up so early tomorrow. Itís going to be such a fun filled drive-NOT!!! Blessed Be!!

Much Love~