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Today is a dark day...

2003-11-25 @ 7:41 p.m.

This has just been a miserable day from the moment that I woke up this morning. I'm really having a hard time accepting my grandmother's death. I wish I didn't have to sit here alone tonight but, I really don't have very many friends anymore like I used to, majority of my friends are online.

Well, my grandmother passed away from acute renal failure, basically kidney failure yet everything else stopped functioning as well and she couldn't hang on much longer. She passed away approximately an hour after I found out that she was in the hospital. She decided to go when I was walking out the door this morning to leave for work. 6:26 am Colorado time, 8:26 Florida time. My mother calls me at work today at 8:15 this morning, and I just lost it, ran to a conference room for some privacy, slammed the door behind me and cried. Kevin is still out of town, but, Jeanne, our main boss told me that she was surprised to even see me come in today. I told her I guess it's just my dedication to my work. She was kind enough to say to me to take as long as I want from work. But, I'm sure I will be going to work tomorrow just to keep myself busy. If I just sit here I will just keep thinking about everything. I must keep myself busy. I just wish that I was able to join my father in Florida to help out. This isn't easy to deal with. I'm the only granddaughter.

I came home early today and just cried, cried so much that my head just started hurting and I fell asleep. The only way I'm sleeping tonight is with muscle relaxers which is really starting to hit me already. So, I better go for now.

Blessed Be!!