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Dan & I...

Sunday, Feb. 06, 2005 @ 8:26 a.m.

Dan and I have been talking a lot the last couple of weeks about marriage, children (adopting), and the kind of house we want to get…just a bit of everything really. When we decide to adopt we want to have one boy and one girl, which is just perfect, one of each. And we want to adopt some dogs too. We’ll definitely get another Trudy-she’s doing well right now by the way. We figure probably get 3 or 4 dogs. I love dogs. I love my cat Kitty, but I’m more of a dog person. Always have. In both, my family and Dan’s we’ve always had dogs and I guess that’s why we love dogs so much.

Unfortunately I have to find a home for Kitty, my allergies are starting to act up pretty bad. Since Dan is a manager at one of the large pet stores he’s trying also to find a suitable home for Kitty. We’re being very picky where she goes because she is a very loving cat an older cat and she loves to be spoiled. Dan and I spoil her so much. She thinks she’s human believe it or not and very very talkative.

Anyway, back to Dan and I. We pretty much live together now as it is but not really. Does that make sense? He stays here at my house, ½ his wardrobe is here, he’s been helping with some of the bills that have been a lifesaver for me with everything going on right now yet he still has his place as well. But about 85%-90% of the time he’s here. And it’s nice. It’s nice having someone here at the house with me; we take care of each other. Our motto to each other is “you take care of me I take care of you” similar to the “you jump I jump” from the movie Titanic.

Dan and I have a wonderful relationship. Our communication is wonderful! In the year that we have been together we have had only 1 argument, and it really wasn’t much of an argument. Other than that, we get along great, we’re so compatible and we realized that the day that we met. We’re each other’s Yin and Yang. As Linda (my landlord and 2nd mom) says, God brought Dan and I together for a reason. And I honestly believe that. Each and every day, our relationship gets stronger and stronger and each day we’re even closer to each other than the day before. We have trust, honesty, communication and love in our relationship. We always know what the other is thinking and we’re not afraid to talk about our past to each other, both the good and the bad. We’re not afraid to talk about past relationships with each other either.

All I can say is that we have a wonderful loving relationship with each other that we both know will last till the end of time. A relationship that will last forever, we’ve found our soul mate in each other. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~