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Do As I Say; Not As I Do....BLAH!!!

Friday, Jan. 07, 2005 @ 10:31 a.m.

Funny isn’t it…you do such a good job at what you do for work and another person that used to do the same job is so intimidated by the other person’s success in doing the job better as well as being noticed for their hard work. Yet the person that feels intimidated decides one day to all of a sudden knit pick stuff when they know that there is nothing wrong with it.

That is what is going on here. I was promoted to this position about four months ago and have received 2 manager’s awards and plenty of recognition for the good work that I do and how hard I have worked my butt off. Yet, there’s Nick, who has been in this position for 4 years now and not once received an award, or any recognition because he will start something and not finish it. Or he will think that he knows something yet doesn’t and is told not to do anything yet he does it anyway and breaks it. Apparently this has been going on long before I even came into the office itself.

Obviously, he feels that I’m “stepping” on his toes because I completely took over 600+ reports as well as doing extra duty of working on PC’s and having more knowledge of PC’s than he because all of a sudden the knit picking has happened. Although Deb and I discovered that he is on probation after what happened with the PC that he broke when he tried to show me up because I fixed one of the managers laptop without having to reformat the whole thing like we thought that we may have had to.

We’re talking about a person that thinks he’s ALWAYS right….I guess you have to know him to understand. But he’s just driving me up the wall. Deb and I had to take Steve on a little tour around the office just to show all the unfinished stuff. It’s crazy!!!

So anyway, I just came up with numerous ideas on how to straighten out my print shop room and Nick just came up with so many excuses why it can’t be done that way which I don’t understand why he thinks it won’t work. Again, we’re back to where he thinks what he does and says is always right. Ugh!!!

I’m sure you don’t want to read about my bitching so I best get going for now and I’ll write more soon. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~