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What a crazy week!!!

2004-04-08 @ 5:46 p.m.

Today has just been one crazy thing after another. Dan stayed again last night and we stayed up having some beers and challenging each other on some online games. And guess who the champion isÖhehe, thatís right, that would be me. :o) So, anyway, we stayed up till 3 in the morning, and I had to get up at 5 for my dentist appointment at 7, well, things didnít quite pan out that way. We went to bed at 3, we woke up at 4 with Dan getting up out of the blue, he says he wasnít walking in his sleep, but, I think he was, but, itís all good. Dragged him back into bed, and we both fell back to sleep. I woke up at 6:40, 20 minutes before I had to go to the dentist. So, I just said screw it, put my hair up, washed up and left, got done at 8:30, drove back home, Dan is sound asleep with Kitty, and I ripped my clothes off and crawled back into bed, we curled up and slept until 10:30 and left here by 11:30, I brought Dan home, went and got some lunch then I went to work.

I get to work and already there were problems with the pharmacies that someone made the mistake of pulling the originals out, so now I have to correct it. Got my calls in as well as letting another recorder record my other calls for me to review tomorrow. Then I went to check on claims, and those that are doing them for me since Iím doing the call center thought that they had all the numbers that I gave them completed, which of course, they werenít. So, I had to give them more batches to complete the numbers for the week. So, here I am bouncing back and forth and trying to get everything completed so that I can get to work on reports for the state. I squeezed 10 hours of work in 4 hours today. Talk about being exhausted!

I get home, and I look at my house and canít believe how much I let things go. Iím very anal about keeping my house clean, yet right now I have clothes and beer bottles everywhere and my room with clothes everywhere, which isnít normal for me. So, when Iím done typing here, I have my evening all panned out of cleaning the hell out of my house and making it spotless again. So, instead of cooking something to eat, I think Iíll be ordering myself a pizza (vegetarian of course) and just crank up the tunes and bust my ass cleaning then crawling into bed at a decent time to get up on time in the morning. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. This whole week has just been crazy!

Dan will be here tomorrow night, and Saturday he has to open shop, so after dropping him off Iíll be heading up to Pontiac again to get my brakes fixed on my car. Weíre down to metal to metal now and my poor baby just sounds horrible when I use the brakes. There goes $150.00! Damn good thing I got that part time job at the bowling alley, which I will be starting this next week. They will have me working in the back office for a while and also bartending. Then next Saturday, itís our bowling banquet and weíre heading up to Central City! Dan is going to get the day off and join Jenn and I there and weíre gonna win some big bucks! :o)

Itís raining again outside like it was last night. I have my patio doors open and letting the sweet smell of the rain come into the house. I love the smell of rain. If the rain werenít cold I would go out and take a walk in the rain. Iíve done that many many times when I first moved here and it rained so much during the summer. It was awesome! I used to do it all the time when I was a kid and lived in Guam. We used to have such a blast playing in the rain. I definitely sometimes miss being a kid and never have to worry about things like bills or even money. But, sadly, we have to become an adult someday. Although I may be an adult, but, I definitely have a heart of a kid.

Well, I better go and get this stuff done so that I can go to bed at a decent hour. Blessed Be! And Iíll write more later!

Oh, did I mention, since Dan and I have met I have lost 12 lbs! It's amazing what happiness does to your body, your self esteem and everything in between! (hey, that

Much Love~