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It's just been a crazy week!!

2004-03-11 @ 7:37 p.m.

What a week!!! My friend Jeff passes away and my friend and Jeff's, Stephanie had her baby today.

Amazing how life works in mysterious ways.

Well, we're having a memorial for Jeff on Tuesday, this is going to be really hard for all of us that were such close friends with Jeff. His mom has decided to wait and leave to go back to Florida on the 20th, we wanted to do this for her and for Jeff. Then when she flies back to Florida, there will be services for him the first week of April.

Then on Monday as well, that horrible incident that happened with my team the Colorado Avalanche. That was just completely uncalled for what Bertuzzi did to Moore. If you haven't heard, which I know everyone that watches hockey has just had a big blow to the league. Anyway, it was just a low blow what Bertuzzi did.

Anyway, it's just been a crazy week.

Much Love,