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Saturday, Jul. 01, 2006 @ 2:37 p.m.

Well, once again, itís been awhile since Iíve written in here. Life has just been so crazy lately! Where should I even start?

Letís seeÖwell, my old boss Steve quit and Sandra from our other account became our supervisor and I was promoted to LAN Administrator. Sandra now quit because she was offered a better position and so now Iím the interim lead until they bring someone else in. The State has made the LAN Manager position a state approved position and placed many guidelines, which now does not make me or anyone else in our department qualified for the position. But, I did get my own account though. They have combined 2 of our accounts, the one that Iím originally on and the one that Sandra was on, and since I was the main back up for the account that Sandra was on, now I am the main person in charge of all the computer side of it all, Iím the main LAN AdminÖ.I have my hands full. But thatís a good thing for me because it exposes me to more experience in my field and Iím completely fine with that. But there are more changes to comeÖstay tunedÖ

On the personal side of things, well, finally Dan has all his things moved in, so we now officially live together. My parents were here a couple weeks ago, and while they flew out to Virginia from here to visit my brother since my niece and my parentsí first grandbaby graduated from high school with honors. Sheís a pretty smart cookie, thatís for sure. And so, while the rents were in Virginny, Dan and I had to baby-sit a total of four dogs; my parents 2 dogs, my dog and Danís dog. It was a stressful week. Our house isnít that big and it was a houseful with the dogs, Dan and I and the rents.

On that note, when the rents were here, I was on call the whole time during my vacation and logging into work and taking the rents everywhere, especially the flea market. It was a good week having them here but a bad week for cars. The rents took my dadís truck to drive here and they lost the engine of the truck in Casper, Wyoming. Dan and I were about to go and drive out there to pick them up but they were able to find a budget rental open and they rented a truck. All the way down, my parents were in a pissy mood because of the engine blown, which I donít blame them one bit. They finally get here late by at least 4 hours later than they should have been. So they left the truck in Casper, and Mac, the guy that we buy our cars from in Montana called his connections and brought my dadís truck back to Montana. In the mean time, the next day we go to bring back the rented truck and the place that they were supposed to bring it to that office was out of business and so we had to go on a hunt for another one here in town and finally found one. We dropped that off and then headed for the flea market, of course I took the wrong highway and got lost finding the flea market, and 2 Ĺ hours later we reached the flea market. (I now know the exact highway to get to the flea market and wonít get lost again, lol). Because it was late in the day, we only spent about an hour at the flea market. Of course, Dan couldnít go with us because he had to work. So, that afternoon, on the way back home from the flea market weíre on the highway and I was at a far distance from this truck in front of me and a rock flew and chipped my windshield. Ugh! So we went to the store to get the repair kit for the windshield so that the crack doesnít spread. Sunday morning, I dropped Dan off to work at 5 am, so that I had the car because the rents and I headed back up to the flea market and we spent 5 Ĺ hours there, talk about exhaustion. And afterwards, we went to Verizon so that I can get Danís birthday present-a cell phone, so now weíre on the family plan and itís just easier for both of us.

Anyway, Monday morning, I take the rents to the airport for their flight. It was nice that they didnít have to wait in the security line because my mom was in a wheelchair so they managed to get through security ahead of everyone. After I left the rents I went to my car, and got lost finding the car in the parking lot and spent 45 minutes walking around trying to find the damn car, but thatís ok, I was in no rush anyway. Took a nice relaxing drive back on the way home taking a different route before I had to get home and tackle with 4 dogs. The week that my parents were gone Dan and I had a handful and were both so stressed we were constantly at each otherís throats. It was a nightmare.

Saturday the rents returned. Dan and I went to go pick them up, their flight was 2 hours late, Dan and Mom headed home while Dad and I headed to the car rental to pick up the minivan that they reserved to take back to Montana. We picked up the van, Dad freaking out because he didnít know where he was going once he was driving out of the rental place finally I told him; move over, Iíll drive. And so we switched. We finally got home. Dan had to work at 2 am and so he couldnít go with us Sunday to the flea market (yes the rents love the flea market-only because there isnít one as big as ours in Montana). So anyway, Dan had to leave for work at 1:30 am, he calls me at 7 and tells me that when he was backing out of our driveway some idiot was speeding on our street that had only one headlight (2:00 am is drunk drivers out time) and almost hit my car, Dan rushed to put it in drive to get the car back in the driveway so that the back end wouldnít get hit and well the passenger side outer part of the mirror hit the fence and busted the plastic around the mirror. Great! NOT!!!! So the rents and I head to Krispy Kreme (they love this place, again because there isnít one in Montana) and off to the flea market and spent hours there. After the flea market, we drop Dad off at the house and Mom and I went shopping at the oriental store. Oh, and did I mention that the first weekend they were here that Momís dog tore up my bathroom door? Ugh, thatís another story.

So then, Monday morning my parents are heading back home to Montana and I return to work, and they call me each time they stop. Well, somewhere in the middle of Wyoming a bird, Mom thinks itís a crow, comes flying towards the windshield of the rented vehicle while Dad was driving and slams its beak into the windshield and cracks the windshield. Dad calls Avis and they say, ďok, weíll note itĒ. And alas, they finally made it home, only for my dad to get his other truck running and decide what he is going to do about the other truck with the engine blown.

In the meantime back here in Denver, work as usual and busy as hell having a crunch of training to take over the other account on my own. Last weekend, we had a major rainstorm and my computer fried. Power supply fried, hard drive fried and the power cord itself fried. Iím out of a computer. And of course I have to have one to be able to log in to work when Iím on call. When the rents were here and the PC was still working when we were at the flea market we bought a PC for me to build for Dad, itís a good thing that he didnít take it back with him to Montana because now I needed to build it for myself. Of course all I had with it was problems because the bios in this pc was old (2000) and for the life of me couldnít get it to format, so I bring it to work had one of the guys work on it, and same thing, so I knew it wasnít me doing something wrong. So finally I just said screw it Iíll buy a new power supply and hard drive and repair mine. Well before we were going to do that we decided (Dan and I) to go to the flea market, Mom needed something else for someone and so we had to go back. Weíre walking around checking things out, got momís stuff and all. Well, Iím checking out computers too. Well there was this stand that these people had PCís that they rebuilt and all, new company and this was the first time that they have been out to the flea market. Iím checking out their PCís and the lady tells me about their new business and I tell them what I do for a living and they offered me a job on the side making some extra cash to build PCís for them, I said sure and gave them my information. During that time, I buy a PC from then and get a killer deal. Ready for this? I got a new Dell Precision 340 P4, 120gig hard drive 2 g processor fully loadedÖ.the pc is still new and a 19-inch flat screen monitor (which Iím going to sell the monitor since I have my flat panel), along with some nice speakers the works for $140.00 (which sells for $3800.00). This baby rocks!!! I couldnít pass up the deal. Plus I need it for work and I hate being without my computer. Iíve loaded all my stuff and I still have 111 gig of space on my hard drive. This baby is sweetÖ..and I wanted to get a Dell anyway. So Iím happy. The lady that I purchased this from she told me God must have sent me their wayÖI told her what happened to my PC and with them telling me that they need a techÖit just fell into place.

Now that things have calmed down, life is goodÖand Iím happy with my new PCÖif Mom didnít need me to go back to the flea market for something I would still be without a PC. Dan said that I was like a kid in a candy storeÖ.lol.

Blessed Be!!

Much Love~