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I Love Computers!

2004-12-02 @ 12:40 p.m.

Today has just been a madhouse!!! Everything just wants to break down all at once itís just crazy. And of course Nick gives us all the fear when he touches a computer. Hmmm, where should I start???

Nick & Dan (the Dan I work with here in my group) were talking about me for the last 2 days, Deb was telling me...Hereís the storyÖthe Tuesday & Wednesday before Thanksgiving I was working on Scott's (one of the other managers) computer because somehow he had been hit by a virus and a hacker, it was nuts! After a few tries of fixing it to no avail Deb thought that it would just be easier for me to reformat the computer from scratch because it was bad, it would take forever to get into anything. Since it was my project I was going to do it right away so that Scott can take the computer (well itís his laptop) home to do some work over the weekend, so Nick got wind of what I needed to do and he snatched the job right from under me and decided to jump at it Wednesday and was supposed to have it done by Friday for Scott, well Nick didn't even touch it and he wasn't here that Friday after Thanksgiving to work on it so I spent more hours working on it Friday and got it all fixed without having to reformat it, I found the problem and fixed it, etc....and that evening Deb sent an e-mail to both Nick and Dan and ccíd our boss Steve and thanked me for doing the troubleshooting and being able to fix it for Scott and he was able to bring his computer home for the weekend (which he wouldn't have been able to if Nick kept it). Monday Nick gave me a little lecture because it was something for him to do that Monday and I told him Scott didnít have the time to wait for you because he needed it over the weekend and besides thereís lots to do around here. Now, Dan and Nick can't figure out how I fixed Scottís computer because originally the problem went to Dan and he was too lazy to fix it and just sent an e-mail to Deb saying he didn't know what it is (what kind of LAN person says that???) and told me he didn't have time to work on it (after I already fixed it) (and he received the request to fix it in the morning and he didnít tell Deb until he left for the day) and since I fixed what those guys couldn't now they are talking about me (the guys) because here I am the peon of our group and I fixed it....hehe...

So yesterday Nick wanted to show off and prove that he's better than me, he had to go and change a power supply yesterday in another computer and fried the computer, deleted dll files when he wasnít supposed to, etc. Now this computer worked great up until he changed the fan and then started snooping in someone elseís computer and now they can't figure out what's wrong, Nick went in there deleting stuff that he shouldn't have and now the computer is taking 20-30 minutes to open one screen/program! And I guess Deb was saying that about 2 years ago there was an e-mail from Mark (our big boss above Steve) telling Steve to never let Nick work on computers when it comes to programming them....Deb went to Mark yesterday to tell him what will have to be done to the computer because the person that uses that computer couldnít even work yesterday so she read all day and Mark wasn't happy that Nick even messed with the computer to begin with.

AND THEN!!!!! The other day I sent out an e-mail to everyone in the office that when it comes to the office equipment that NO ONE is to take anything apart that if there are any issues, problems etc to NOT take the equipment apart that is our job so that these things don't break....well, yesterday the mailroom was having problems with their postage machine and Nick went in there and told them that they had to fix it themselves before calling him which is contradicting my Mark isn't too happy with that either..... Itís just been crazy!!!

So, earlier Deb asked me if I can take a look at the computer to see if I can figure out whatís wrong with it but every option that Iíve tried and Deb has tried wonít work. We even tried reinstalling the operating system, nothing. It keeps giving us an error. I even checked to see if maybe Nick forgot to hook something back up when he installed the new fan, but nothing there. So as of right now we are still working on it. Weíre going to try the DOS route next. I told Deb I think we should just toss it out the window, weíre only 6 floors up, it will crash pretty good. Lol. Blessed Be!

Much Love~