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Communication & Soul Mates

2004-07-13 @ 1:40 p.m.

Ugh!!! I just canít seem to wake up today. Although it didnít help that Dan and I didnít go to sleep till 2:30 am and had to wake at 4:30 am. And I feel bad because I think I was coughing all night and kept him awake but Dan said that I didnít keep him awake. And no worries. He said that I was coughing for 5 minutes then just fell back asleep. I feel like Iíve been up all night coughing and I know I had to of, but he keeps insisting that I wasnít. So who knows?

I definitely need to quit smoking, move DJ out of the bedroom and somehow get Kitty to quit shedding so much. Iím planning on giving her a good bath the question is how many scratches am I going to get away with? Lol.

I love the fact that Dan loves to take care of me and he loves how I take care of him. We have such a great relationship. And we love each other deeply. He and I accept each other so much, flaws and all. We have such strong communication with each other. Weíre honest with each other, faithful to each other and not afraid to express ourselves to each other. No matter what we do. And neither one of us is afraid to tell each other that we love each other. And Dan is right, heís different, he isnít like all the jerks that Iíve dated before. And I have to agree with him on that.

You know, once upon a time I thought that I was truly in love with Paul and that he was my soul mate. Up until the day that I met Dan. I never knew that I would meet someone that I would be so compatible with then Dan came along. He and I are so compatible that sometimes itís scary (a good scary) and he agrees. We both love the fact that we can handle our issues without arguing, without hiding anything from each other. The communication that we have with each other is great. And to make a relationship strong is good communication. And that is definitely what we have.

Things have been going beautifully with us with the occasional ďehĒ but what relationship doesnít have that right? We have more beautiful moments then we do ďehĒ moments. So thatís a good thing!

Itís not very often when someone walks into your life when you least expect it and you happen to be so compatible with each other. Planning the future, preparing for the future and discussing our future. Itís just wild. Iíve always believed that everyone has 2 soul mates; one that teaches you to love and hurt and the other to spend the rest of your life with. Well, I found both. And alas, my soul mate whom I know will be spending my life with will be Dan. We are Yin Yang to each other. Perfect harmony and a balanced relationship. Our relationship is just different than Iíve ever had and same with him. Itís all-good! Blessed Be!!

Much Love~