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Roller Coaster of a life...

2003-06-06 @ 11:41 p.m.

Hey everyone, I'm back! My trip to Montana and visiting my parents went well. As usual, my parents spoiled me...of course it will probably eventually come back to haunt me, it always does. Mom always has a way to make it into something that I will have to pay back. **sigh** Other than that, I was a jack of all trades doing lots of work around my parents house. Of course thanks to the dogs, my bird DJ now knows how to bark. It's so cute and funny. He'll bark at me when he's cranky, but, he finally got it down when to say good morning and when to say nite nite. LOL.

I actually finally got some sleep while I was home visiting. I haven't slept so good in so long. I kept dreaming about Paul and Holleigh, even during my naps-when I had time to take them. Well, when I got back, the very same day, I got an e-mail from Paul. Quite interesting actually, but, we talked online for a while, he says he still loves me, that's a good thing...he knows how much I still love him as well. For now, he doesn't want to get into another relationship with everything that has happened with his mom and all but, wants us to be friends with benefits...which is fine, I think. We actually discussed how we would handle everything with us still loving each other, yet not getting into a relationship...I guess this is a "trial" thing, who knows. Of course, I'm not going to get my hopes up in case things don't work the way we want, I flat out told him, I don't want to be hurt anymore or used, etc. And he understood, and apologized for hurting me. I'm still in the midst of soaking it all in because I'm a bit confused how to handle all of this. So, all I can do is see what happens from here.

Anyway...other than that, not too much going on. But, I do need to get to's late and I'm dozing as I am typing's a good thing I can type w/out

Well, good night...and I will do my best to continue to post.

Blessed Be!!