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2004-11-08 @ 9:49 a.m.

Good morning and happy Monday to all. No worries, I still hate Mondays. My entry for the weekend is a boring one. Didnít really do too much but clean my house and spent time with Dan. He had Saturday off and so we actually had the chance to spend time together since heís been graveyards. Dan and I mainly just chilled and played games online against each other and watched movies until he had to return to work last night. Although he did call me this morning to make sure that I was up and getting ready for work-he knows how I am in the mornings, ESPECIALLY Mondays on getting my ass out of bed. Lol.

I can tell that this is going to be a busy day, and more likely a busy week. And Iím not looking forward to it but since Iíll be so busy Iím sure that it will make my week go pretty quick. We hope anyway.

Well, just an update from my last entry. I feel a little bit better than I did but Iím still stuck between a rock and a hard place. Youíll have to excuse me because I get in those moods where it things just hit me really hard. And I have to try my best to keep reminding myself that things will get better. Itís not easy but I know that I will survive, I just have to remember to think positive and that you canít squeeze blood from a turnip. **Sigh** Itís just I hit days that I honestly canít convince myself of those things and when I do, itís just really hard to believe in it. But Iím trying. Iím doing the best that I can.

Iíve also been thinking since I was having so much coughing attacks this weekend that I am going to try AGAIN to quit smoking. Although it is going to be just as hard because of all the stress that I am under right now but Iím going to try it. And another reason, because I donít have the money to buy smokes. Iíll be chewing a lot of gum, a lot of straws and a lot of pretzels. I know that sunflower seeds are better to chew on but there is just too much salt and I donít like sunflower seeds that are unsalted, they are just not the same. When my dad quit he ate sunflower seeds like they were going out of style. He used to smoke cigars and itís now been about 12 years now since he has quit and he still eats the sunflower seeds like crazy. Apparently he still gets his cravings, I guess it doesnít help when I smoke around him but he says that the smoke bothers him but when I was on a road trip with him recently he had a HUGE bag of seedsÖand if he used to be anything like I am and smoke more when driving on a road trip, then he had his cravings. But he wonít admit it. But as for me, Iím going to try again, and could use all the support that I can get. Especially since Iím going to try this while I am currently under so much stress. So weíll see how it goes. Iím just going to keep trying until it finally works.

Iím thinking of changing my layout but not to sure yet. I also need to start working more on my review site. So, those of you that are reviewers for my site Raresilk please check your pending within the next week because Iím going to be adding more to review so that we can get our pending list caught up. I am looking for 3 more reviewers for my site; I just lost 3 reviewers due to hectic schedules, which is totally understandable. If you want to review for my site please go to the site and click on ďbecomeĒ and follow the instructions and I will look at your information and e-mail you with details and whether you are approved or not. Send me a little bio about you as well with your e-mail.

Well, I better get going and get some work done, itís going to be a busy busy Monday. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~