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2003-08-03 @ 9:05 p.m.

Cast of Characters

PG/Paul-->The man I truly love!

Holleigh-->Paul's daughter, my precious angel!

S/SK-->The impossible soulmate that I can never have.

Rue/Jenn-->My very good friend.

Bobby-->Rue's man in her life.

DE-->A person I've chatted a few times with online.

SI/Steve-->One word--->YUMM!!!

DW/Dan W-->A very good friend from Montana who lives here in Denver as well.

B/Brad-->ASSHOLE!! :o)

Kevin-->My awesome boss aka Big K as I call him. :o)

Steph-->Co-worker and friend.

DJ-->My bird

Chad-->1st love of my life.

Sean-->My x-husband.

Kyle-->New man in my life. **sigh**

Sammy-->Kyle's youngest angel.

Jenny-->Kyle's eldest angel.

Darcy-->Kyle's x-wife.

David-->A friend via online.

Matt D-->A good friend, I'm his Feng Shui mentor too.

"Particular Person"-->Co-worker I'm not too fond of. ugh!!

Jackson-->The HOT! HOT! HOT! HOTTIE!!! in my financial class

Jamie-->A good friend of mine from work..

Michael-->My personal massage therapist

Dan D-->The LOVE of my life!

Linda-->My mom away from home and my landlord

Dustin-->My brother away from home and Linda's son (Jenn's love of her life)

Well, that's all my characters for now till I mention someone else, then they will be added.