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2004-09-21 @ 1:02 p.m.

When I first came into this office when I transferred over I brought some great ideas over with me. One of them being to have a company newsletter in our office of things going on in the office. I did this for the previous office (same company as now just different office) I was in. And it worked out great! I used to do at least a 30-page newsletter for our employees. When I came here I brought the idea here too, worked on a major proposal and presented it to our Account Manager of our office and got approval for it.

Although because we were having so much HIPPA security going on my newsletter was put on the back burner. Last week I decided that I want to get it off the ground and get it going since now I’ll have some time to work on it, granted I was to have my own committee, etc. Well, when I inquired about it to our Account Deputy Manager that I feel that it’s time to get it off the ground she informed me that MY IDEA will remain in the QC department and that they will be working on it YET she still wants me to be involved!!!

WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?! THIS WAS MY FUCKING IDEA! She tells me, “I really think the newsletter should originate from the Operations Integrity Unit, however, as we discussed previously, there will be a committee established with representation from various departments to work on it. I let Michelle know that when she is ready to start up this project to include you and also to get with you on what has already been done regarding the template.

This being your suggestion and the work that you have previously put into will still be valued and we hope that you will be able to continue to be involved in whatever capacity you can. We can discuss more roles and responsibilities, as we get closer to January. “

Oh gee, yes pleeeeeease value my work…Give it to a bunch of snobs to ruin the work that I had put into it and the plans that I had for this newsletter. I BUSTED MY ASS to get this presented and approved and did it on my own when I knew no-one in this office and the one person that backed me up on this was Kevin! I think that it should still continue to be Kevin and me. But I know that if I suggest that it won’t happen…I’m seriously debating if I should even be a part of it anymore….what do you think? I’m open to any suggestions anyone has.

I’m just so ticked off about it that ugh…I can’t even think of any words to describe how I’m feeling about all of this. It just IRRITATES me!!!!

What are your thoughts???

Blessed Be!~

Much Love~