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Bye Kyle....

2003-07-22 @ 8:58 p.m.

Well everyone, I guess I was wrong about Kyle. Why is it that everytime I see the good in a person, something happens. I understand that he's been having issues with his x and making sure that the welfare of his children is safe and secure, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all. But, unfortunatly I guess I was just a rebound...I knew that I should have listened to my first instincts and walk away, but, I was willing to stick by and be supportive for him and to show him that there is such thing as happiness that it can be found, if not by me by someone else. He's had such a rough time with his x-wife and I was willing to at least help him feel what happiness can be considering the past that he has had. I honestly thought that he was strong enough but, I thought wrong. It sux because I really did like him, and he just told me yesterday that he really did like me as well. So, what went wrong, I'll tell you...his x-wife. Since the day she found out about me she has been giving him & us problems. She even deleted my number from his cell and prank called me and left a couple of "heavy breathing" messages and I did not tell Kyle how I was called a bitch in the 2nd message that was left on my voicemail as well as her sending me a text to quit calling. Along with her telling him last night that he isn't allowed to see me...hmmm I didn't realize that after a divorce that you still have control of your x wife or hubby...Well geee missy, your hubby was the one who came looking for me!!! I didn't go looking for him.

My advice to all you ladies out there (guys too), don't go for anyone who just recently came out of a divorce. I don't care how long they were seperated before the divorce because it seems that what they look for is just a rebound. And rebounds are the worse. I know we're all guilty of rebounds, but, it's true, someone always gets hurt. In this case it was me as usual...I always just want to make sure that they are happy. My bad for putting other people's feelings before my own.

Don't get me wrong, Kyle is a great person, unfortunatly, he let his x-wife take over and he wasn't strong enough to fight it.

Sometimes I wonder why I cease to look at all the good in a person yet they don't seem to see the good in me.

I don't know...but, I am just soooo ready to say the hell with it all. I think I'm just happier being alone and independent and just go out whenever and whoever just have a friend with benefits... :o) Much easier and less stress that way.