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The Day the Ice has broke.

2004-11-26 @ 12:28 a.m.

Got through the beginning of the holiday season of 2004. Itís been another Thanksgiving of cooking and eating and cleaning. But it was a good day. Dan and I pretty much chilled, and cooking a big meal was a bit too big for two people, but thatís cool, lots of leftovers for us for probably about 2 weeks if even that. Lol. As usual, Dan has kicked my ass in Scrabble Blast; I just canít seem to beat his scores. Iíve come close on few occasions but none to avail. Ugh. Last night we were pretty drunk, Dan drank beer and I had a bottle of wine to myself, yes, I drank the whole bottleÖugh, I was feeling it this morning. Today Iíve only had a glass of wine and a beer and Dan; well heís had 16 beers today and no buzz. He gets that way at times. Sometimes heíll drink and feel the affects and times he can just keep drinking and still doesnít feel buzzed or anything.

Well, I broke down and spoke to Mom today. Yeah, I know, I said that I wouldnít call or anything but Iím just so soft hearted itís just really hard to hold my anger and hurt and not at least make the first move to keep things at a ďnormalĒ stage. Itís just always been hard for me to not call because I get this guilty feeling and all when I donít talk to her. This was the first time in a long time that we talked and didnít even argue-which is a good thing and a miracle for us. And yes, the money deal of my settlement came into the conversation but we didnít argue, she kindly asked how things were going with my settlement and I kindly responded with whatís going on, and of course once again she asked about the property damage settlement that I did receive and the difference, etc and we actually didnít argue about any of it at all. It was just a brief moment of discussion in regards to the money deal then we just moved on to other subjects.

It looks like I may end up going home possibly for the holidays anyway. Mom finally decided to tell me that she is going to have eye surgery in both her eyes next month four days before Christmas. My mother is having cataract and glaucoma problems and so she will be having that surgery but the worse one is that they will have to open up her right eye and they said that if it starts to bleed that she might lose her sight. A few years ago my mom had Clorox accidentally sprayed in her right eye and was taken to the emergency room to get it flushed out. Well, apparently it wasnít a very good job because through the years it has damaged everything in the back of her eye. She asked me if dad had told me that she was going in for surgery and I told her no because he hadnít. Apparently she has known for a while now that sheís going in for this surgery. For the first time, my brother knew before I did. Which is unusual in this family. So, like I said, it looks like I may be going home for the holidays but of course it all depends on the money situation. I saw online last night that tickets to go home will cost me at least $400.00, much cheaper to drive home but of course the snow is just terror in Montana when it comes to traveling during the holidays. But, weíll see.

Well, itís late and I have to get up early for work tomorrow and will be swamped working on PCís and all so I may not have time to write, but weíll see. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~

All I can say is remember to not take advantage of the little things because the little things ARE the big things. :o)