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Brainwork is so exhausting!!!

2004-04-14 @ 8:40 p.m.

I have to say that today my brain is FRIED!!! Itís amazing how brainwork throughout the day can ware you out just as much as labor work using your body. I feel like Iíve been carrying bricks on my head today. Ugh!

Iím so glad that I donít QC the call center on a regular basis. Itís just so draining sitting there listening to our agents all day, it just wares you out! And having to take all the notes and find the errors as youíre listening to them at the same time and trying to keep up as well as having another recorder going and keeping track of it all. As well as training people at the same time and making sure that they are doing your own regular stuff the way itís supposed to. I guess you could say that when it comes to work I am such a perfectionist on how things should be done. Iím just in a different type of mode when Iím working than I am personally. I just want things done right the first time.

I seriously do not like sitting there listening to the agents talking to all the providers because when I hear things that are the incorrect answers it just makes me want to jump on there and tell the provider myself the right answer but, Iím not allowed to, all I can do is give them the errors on the forms and dock their points off.

Today has just been one of those days that I do but donít want to be around anyone. I just want to curl up and relax with Dan since he had a rough day today as well. I just want us to curl up and kappa squat (veg out) and just do nothing. But, unfortunately, I wonít be seeing him this evening. He has things to do around his house, and I do too but since Iím just so drained Iím just going to chill out tonight, listen to some music and watch some TV when my show the OC comes on. The AVS playoff game is on tonight but unfortunately I canít get that channel I only have the basic cable rather than the digital so I wonít be able to watch it, which really sucks because I really wanted to watch it. But, thatís all right, Iíll find out the score later.

Iím also thinking of just taking a nice long hot bath or maybe just lay back and meditate. Which really sounds like an excellent idea.

Jamie was shocked to see my haircut today. She couldnít believe that I actually went and chopped my hair. But, she likes it too so itís all good. I parted it on the side today, but didnít like it that way too well; Jamie was saying she likes it better when I part it down the middle. But, I just still havenít figured out how I want to wear itÖof course I canít get it to style somewhat to the way that Sherry did it, but, Iíll figure something out eventually.

Well, I go to work at the bowling alley next Tuesday and Wednesday night. Iím kinda excited about it. Iíll be working in the back office and the front and Iíll be in charge of one of the high school bowling leagues. This will be for a few months and then I will also be bartending as well. I think this will be fun. It has been a while though since I have worked more than one job at the same time, but thatís all right. It will all come out in the end. And I think that since I love bowling, it will be fun working in the bowling alley.

Well, I better get going and practice on some games. Dan will be jumping online here in about an hour and weíre going to be going head to head on our games nowÖhehe.

Iíll write again soon! Blessed Be!!

Much Love~