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2003-09-22 @ 5:29 p.m.

What a day!!! Our servers out in Atlanta and Pittsburgh were down for most of the day which caused us to be down and it didn't start working till about 2:30 or so, and talk about cramming all morning's work into the afternoon. 4:00 came and I didn't even know that it was 4 already, I felt like it was the morning due to starting all my morning work in the afternoon. **sigh**

Well, I started back on my weight watchers again, I needed too. Not that I'm very big or fat or anything, just a tad overweight and it has been bothering me for sometime now. Plus, I haven't been feeling too healthy the last few weeks. Besides, I am so used to being small since I have been small my whole life and the extra weight that has added on is very bothersome. So, it's time I do something about it again. I've done pretty well today at keeping my points low. Although I did go about 3 points over, but, I haven't figured in all my exercising today while I did all my walking downtown. This will give me bonus points and should make up for the 3 points I went over today. YAY!! Plus give me room to eat some dinner tonight. hehe. I have to stick with this thing this time. I'm bound and determined to make this one of my goals. I'll know it's working when I go home for Christmas and mom will just flat out tell me yay or nay without me asking. She always does...but, hey, what are moms for right? At least she's honest about it. Can be a good thing...sometimes.

Well, let's see...hmmm, as for the weekend, I was lazy...slept all day Saturday until it was time to get ready for my bowling league, and needless to say, it wasn't a good evening. It was just Dan and I, we were in first place but, not so much now. Hopefully we can bring it back up there on Saturday. Yesterday, well, yesterday was Sunday, just Sunday. I did a little bit of shopping but, didn't really buy anything too interesting.

Well, I'm heading out and going to take a nap, I am just exhausted today...ugh!

Blessed Be!!