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I actually did it...

2003-04-27 @ 12:41 p.m.

Wow!!! I slept in today till noon...which is something very rare for me! I'm just surprised.

Well, I did it! Well I guess I should start by the Well, there is this guy that works at the station where I always buy my cigs, get gas in my car, etc because its just right down the road. Well, anyway, this guy B has been working there for over a year now, and you know it's just been a "hi, can I get...Thanks" you know the typical worker/customer thing. Well a little over 2 months ago B has introduced himself to me, made every effort to talk to me on a different level, trying to get my attention basically, and of course he had it, but, I never really said anything for him to know that I have noticed, I guess it's just one of those things to find out if he is just being nice or if he really likes me. Well, my friends keep saying "ask him out" and me, I'm too damn shy, I'm not used to asking a guy out. Funny how I can go up to a stranger and just chat or ask if I know them from somewhere if they are familiar, but, to ask someone out...I'm totally shy in that department. hehe...I know I'm a dork!!! Well, yesterday I just finally picked up the phone called him at the station and asked about going out and well the conversation went very good and we're going out on a date next Saturday. The moment I asked, I expected him to be hesitant and say something like he had a girlfriend or something...but, no, he answered instantly saying yes and well discussing what day, gave him my number and well...we'll see how things go on Saturday!

So, as I stated...I finally did it and asked him out. I'm still pretty shy about the whole thing...but, I'm sure it will pass. It's not like he and I just met and it's just a blind date. Which is good. It happened the "traditional" way of meeting someone I guess. Not in a bar, or online or anything. Just during your normal daily "hi". I read somewhere that when the opportunity comes knocking answer the door. If you wait too long to answer the door, when you do open it, the opportunity will be gone and may never come back...the only way to find out if this was either an opportunity or a downfall was to open the door and find out. So, we'll see how it goes. :o) I'll keep ya posted...

Last night I had a dream about someone that I won't give names or initials only because I don't know if he reads this daily or not but,...we were a match made in heaven....which is weird...because I know that it can't be possible with him...but, when I'm ready to discuss that dream...I'll let you know...I'm still pondering on it right now.

Ciao for now...

Blessed Be!!