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Animals and kids....they get in trouble just the same...

2004-12-01 @ 10:56 p.m.

UGH!!! My animals aka kids are going to drive me insane!!!! I have a cat (Kitty) 2 Cockatiels (DJ & Gypsy) and fish. I think the only ones that have been good are the fish!!!

This morning after I took a shower and was getting ready for work I came out to the living room to turn the TV on and wake up the birds, well as soon as I opened my bathroom door I saw the garbage tipped over all over the floor, Kitty decided to help herself to the garbage! So that took some time to clean up. Kitty was in A LOT of trouble this morning and she knew it and she ran to Dan, and Dan told her, ďYouíre not getting any sympathy from meĒ and then gave her a lecture.

And now, just a few minutes ago, I was sitting here looking at stuff online and I started to wonder why Gypsy wasnít bugging me because she would usually walk over here to the computer and climb up to the desk, well itís been quiet for a while so I turned around and Gypsy had climbed onto my coffee table ATE my little money tree that I have, ATE some cigarettes out of the ashtray and ATE some candle wax off my candle!

Gypsy is going to be feeling so so sickÖnow Iím all worried about her. I cannot believe that she did that! Ugh. Iím researching right now about the plant and hoping that it wonít hurt her. I took her to the sink and started washing her beak and her tongue to get the juices of the plant off of her and unfortunately I canít quite shove any meds down her throat or anything. Sheís a little climber and she just gets into EVERYTHING!

For those of you that own tamed Cockatiels you know what I mean when I say that they are like a handful and they are like rambunctious 2 year olds! I canít say that DJ has never done things like that because he has. DJ will be 2 years old this month and he was like that when he was Gypsyís age (sheís 7 months old this month) curious and into everything. DJ used to try and eat my spider plant. But it was very easy to keep him away from it since the spider tree hung from the ceiling. But with Gypsy though, sheís not afraid of anything at all and climbs onto EVERYTHING she can!

They say that the money tree is a hearty plant, so lets hope all my leaves grow back. Yup, she chewed off the leaves off the branches and ate some of the branches. Iím hoping that they are right that this plant is hearty and Iím hoping it wonít hurt animals either. So far I havenít found information on how it affects animals if eaten.

As for DJ, I canít leave the room without it him getting mad. If he canít see me he starts squawking but as soon as Iím back in the room heíll start talking again. Iím still trying to break him of that habit. Itís getting better though, sort of.

I forgot to mention in my previous entry that Dan finally told me that he found out that Trudy (his dog) has cancer. He had to take her back in to the vet today and they discovered that it has spread so much. Heís hoping and I am too that they can get it all. I havenít heard from Dan yet so I donít know what he has found out. Iíll talk to him tomorrow evening and see what he found out and if they can do anything for her. Poor thing, sheís had cataract in her eyes, boils right next to her eyes and sheís already had 2 cancer tumors removed. Sheís not a young pup, sheís a senior citizen as we call her and this is taking a toll on Dan. But sheís still rambunctious. Iím praying sheíll be all right. Sheís a very good dog, a very very good dog.

Well, itís getting late and I need to get up early. Good night. Blessed Be!

Much Love~