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Adventurous Week...

2004-06-03 @ 1:07 p.m.

Today is just a messed up day, well, this morning it was anyway. Of course, as usual I couldn’t get up for the life of me and when I did it was 6:30 when I had to be at work at 7:30. So first off, I wake up late, missed my bus and had to wait for the next one, ripped my pants and my top, got to work late and then spilled mountain dew all over my desk. Had to borrow Matt’s rubbing alcohol because my desk was all sticky. **Sigh** But I manage to keep a smile on my face except when I was yelling in my car this morning at the slow drivers on my way to the park n ride to catch my bus. My morning just….well SUCKED!!!!

Anyway, here’s a funny story for you. Dan stayed at my house the other night and well during our “Sensual Sweet Romance” (sex-lol) Dan went to move and there was a LOUD pop! Dan couldn’t move. It was his knee, it popped out of socket. I felt so bad because it was during a position at my request and well I just felt bad. I so apologized to him and he kept telling me not to worry about it. So, we went in the living room and wrapped it up, it didn’t look pretty, but it looked better after we wrapped it then we laughed about it and decided it will be a while till we do that position again. By the next morning (yesterday) we were chuckling and laughing about it but I still felt bad, hell, I still do.

Anyway, yesterday he went to the doctor to go get it checked out and well, the lady that comes in before the doctor to do your blood pressure and all that, well, she asked him how he hurt his knee. Believe it or not, he told her “I popped it during sex” he told me this and I just couldn’t believe he told her that and he said that she turned beat ass red!!! So, she asked him “how should I document this for the doctor?” Dan says, “umm, I was in a kneeling position and it popped?” and she agreed to write that down. Well, the part that isn’t so funny, his knee popped out of its socket, and ripped his cartilage and tendons in his knee.

Dan and I were talking on the phone last night and I apologized again and he said it’s not a big deal, shit happens. I sat there and said “Dan, it’s NOT a common thing for it to happen during sex! So you can’t say shit happens, not in this situation anyway.” And we just both laughed. But, as an update he is doing well. We just can’t do that position for a while (don’t even ask what the position was-lol).

Here’s another funny story. A couple of weeks ago, Dan bought Kitty a laser light for her to chase around. Well, the same night of the knee incident I had DJ (my bird in case you forgot) on my shoulder with us (yes, Kitty and DJ now get along!) and DJ decides to follow the little red dot with Kitty. Dan notices and so he moves the dot to the ceiling, DJ is watching this thing so closely. And you know how cats keep a close eye on these things and follow it no matter how you move it, circles, back and forth, whatever. Well, Dan was swirling it in circles and every which way he can and I must say, it was the funniest thing Dan and I have ever seen watching DJ follow this light with his head feathers standing straight up, eyes wide open and his head moving with the light. I guess you would have to be there, but we laughed so hard that we had tears rolling and our cheeks hurting and gut hurting from laughing so hard. But like I said, I guess you just had to be there.

Then there was last Friday, Jamie and I are downstairs having our cigarette, our morning break and some guy comes up to us and starts talking to us and kissing us. And of course we didn’t want to be rude and just walk away (he was a homeless person) so we were nice and stayed and talked for a few…of course Jamie gets one kiss and I get four! What’s up with that? I asked her why I got four and she only got one and she says “cuz your cuter” I’m like “yeah, whatever”.

And yesterday, Jamie and I were waiting at the crosswalk waiting to cross the street and this hottie in a nice red Lexus drives by and looks right over at me, I looked at Jamie and asked, was he looking at me or you? And she says “you” you stand out more in red. I just said, “whatever. Oh well, I have a boyfriend, so you can have him” lol. We chuckled and just crossed the street.

Well, I better get back to work but I just had to share with everyone this “adventurous” week that’s been going on. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~