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Know more about me!

2004-04-14 @ 3:57 p.m.

I thought that I would throw this in since my 101 Things About Me is just well, 101 Things. So, Iíll just give you the basics about me here. Happy Reading!!!

Iím 35 years old born on February 25, 1969. I was actually a $20.00 bet between my mom and the doctor and my mom won. Iím Ĺ Filipino and Ĺ Irish with some Japanese in my blood. So with that, Iím a Pisces. Everything they say about Pisces, thatís me.

I live in Denver, Colorado. I was born in the Philippines and raised in Guam. My father was military and we were sent to beautiful Montana in 1982. I moved to Denver after my divorce in 1998. I love it here in Colorado. I love the mountains and the scenery here, I have made Colorado home while my parents still reside in Montana and I have an older brother who is 6 years older than me who lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

My parents actually met by letter to begin with. My parents were pen pals for many years and when my dad was 18 he went to the Philippines with the Eagle Scouts that he was in and finally met my mother in person whom is 9 years older. My dad told her he would be back for her so after high school he joined the military and was sent to the Philippines and married my mom 3 times. Once on the military base and one off base for my motherís side of the family, both of these times in the Philippines. My dad is from Florida and when we came to the states 3 years after I was born they stopped in Florida to see my grandparents and my parents got married again there for my fatherís side of the family. To this day, my parents are still going strong after 36 years! Then we were sent to Guam where I spent my childhood until I was 13 and spent my teenage and adult life in Montana.

I had a semi-normal childhood, a very strict mom and grandmother when she lived with us and of course, I was ďdaddyís girlĒ, which saved me from a lot of things, thatís for sure! As for school, I did really well until I reached high school, then I just goofed off, but I did manage to graduate on time. When I was younger I couldnít speak English very well because I am so fluent with my Filipino language that when I was in 2nd grade I had to take special classes to learn to speak English. My father speaks English fluently so that helped both my brother and I. So, now I speak both English and Filipino fluently, which is a bonus! I went to college at MSU in Montana and graduated with honors majoring in Microcomputer Management, Business Entrepreneurship with my minor being in accounting. So presently, I am working for the state of Colorado as a QC Sr. Specialist, I love my job, and I hate this office.

I got married when I was 19 to my high school sweetheart and now divorced for 6 years now. We were together since I was 14 and he was 16, together for 15 years and married for 10 years. Besides growing apart, he used to beat me and constantly cheated on me, finally, enough was enough and we went our separate ways. A month later, I left Montana, moved here to Colorado. I put everything I owned in storage, packed up my car with my computer, clothes, microwave, bedding, coffee pot, computer desk and $200.00 in my pocket and said bye bye to Montana. Since Iíve lived here I have gone through quite a bit of good things but also quite a few rough spots. But, I proved to everyone back home who thought that I would return to Montana in 3 months after leaving that Iím strong enough to stick out whatever comes my way. Thereís been a few times that I thought I would fail, but, here I am 6 years later and still live in Colorado.

I suffer from depression, Iím Bipolar-Manic but, I have it under control and Iíve suffered through Endometriosis-which leads to why I donít have children because I canít. I had a hysterectomy done when I was 24 and that day, my world changed. My high school years I was a rebel, in the 80ís we were called ďthe hoodsĒ the others were ďthe jocksĒ, I was pretty neutral of course, I was a bit of both really. But, most definitely a rebel. I never listened to my parents or anything. I used to get into trouble all the time. I was more into partying than anything. I was put into ISS (in school suspension) all the time for skipping school. I never really got into drugs; I did some but was never really into it very much. I of course had sex, lied to my parents all the time, thrown in jail for getting into trouble for hanging out with the wrong crowd. My parents were ready to send me to juvenile detention, but I think the time that they didnít come get me in jail and made me stay convinced me to change otherwise. Iíve ran away from home several times. One time when I ran away it was so early in the morning that I went to my best friendís house and they were all still asleep so I crawled in the doghouse that they had in their backyard until everyone woke.

12 days after I graduated I moved away from home and out of town that lasted for about 4 months. At the time my x husband was my live in boyfriend and when we were living in Bozeman that was when he first beat me up and thatís when I decided I needed to go back home. Then I got married a year later and was married for 10 years. And within those 10 years the fighting and the hitting continued as well as my x-husband cheating on me. Iíve owned a couple of Filipino restaurants with my mom as my partner, suffered from my Endometriosis, went to college, worked many jobs, I also have a C.N.A. license (Certified Nurse Assistant) as well as my college degree for computers. Iíve also worked retail for about 18 years; have managed a toy store, music store and a dollar store. A checker in a grocery store, which was one of my favorite jobs. Iíve worked for an advertising agency that was the main sponsor for the biggest art auction in Montana-the C M Russell Art Auction. Iíve also worked as a Real Estate Property Broker/Processor for a large brokerage firm, and now I work as a Quality Control Customer Care Sr. Specialist for the state of Colorado. The first 2 years I was working on the federal government side-corporate level until we had reorganization and I was transferred to the state. That being said, itís all in the same company, so, thatís a good thing. Been with the same company for 3 Ĺ years now and still going strong.

Now, my love life is such a different story I guess. I have always seemed to go for the ďbadĒ boys that like to cheat, lie and hit on women. I donít know why that happens. But now I have finally found someone that has the same beliefs and wants the same things that I want in a relationship, honesty, communication and being faithful to each other and donít believe in hitting anyone for that matter. Dan is a wonderful guy! Sean, my ex-husband whom I was with for 15 years, that was a roller coaster ride and Paul whom I was with for 3 years, that one I hate to say was a ďhell rideĒ, and now Dan is in my life, and things are just going perfect for us. Of course before Dan and in between Paul and Sean I have gone on many dates but nothing that made me feel he would be ďthe oneĒ until Dan came along. Since Paul and I split I havenít had a boyfriend since until Dan and I met and hardly went on any dates between Paul and Dan. Paul just really broke my heart to pieces it was an extremely hurtful feeling yet Dan helped me in more ways than one to pick myself back up from such a broken heart.

Well, this is just the jest of it about me for now, and as you read my diary youíll eventually know more about me. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~