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My Work Life

2004-01-22 @ 10:08 a.m.

So, my review went very very well. I definitly got my raise of course, not as much as I wanted, but, at least I got something. Kevin thanked me for all the hard work that I do and even told me that my review is one of the few that has high scores on it. Which is a good thing. I did put in a request for a higher raise, so, we'll see. It's going through approval right now, so, it will be a while before I know for sure whether I got what I requested. But, overall, I got high remarks on everything. Which made me feel good.

Karen, one of the managers that I get along so well with is being transferred to another office out in NY, which really saddens me, she's an awesome lady and has the coolest accent I've ever heard. She gave me her Jade plant last night and a couple days before that gave me a bamboo plant as well. The bamboo is in desperate need of TLC and she told me that since I have such a green thumb that I am now the foster parent of her and Jeanne's (our big boss-another that I get along so well with) bamboo and that the plant is allowed to have visitation rights.

Karen is so cool, I'm gonna miss her when she leaves, but, she told me that she will definitly keep in touch with me via e-mail and calls. I told her to put me in her suitcase. hehe...seriously, I don't think I can handle living in NY City...too many people I think.

Anyway, right now our systems are down and can't really get any work done and all my paperwork itself is done. The overtime is just crazy, but, I really need it right now. So, as it is, I'm basically working 2 full-time jobs in one. Just part of it is time and a half, which works for me. I'm tired, but, not burnt out yet so I've been going to bed so early when I get home just to keep myself from burning out. I haven't had a day off since January 11th, and seriously, I don't know when my next day off is. As long as I get enough sleep and don't get burned out, then it's all good.

Our holiday party is this weekend on Saturday and I'm taking Dan with me. It should be a fun party, although since I am on the committee and all I'll be up doing speeches, etc. I really do hope that it becomes a success because it was all on my shoulders for the whole thing, so, we'll see. If it all works out then I'll be happy.

Well, I better get going, I should get a head start on a few other things.

Blessed Be!!