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What's up???

Thursday, Apr. 06, 2006 @ 9:05 p.m.

Well, apparently it’s been awhile since I’ve written. I guess I sometimes feel like there’s nothing really to write about. But I guess there is….since I’m writing…duh.

Anyway, I guess you could say that lots have happened. I have finally moved out of the “apartment living” life and finally got a house. Dan will be getting his stuff moved in here this month, right now he is in Wisconsin visiting since his grandmother is really sick right now. Him and his dad left Tuesday and will be back on Saturday so I’m babysitting his dog who will soon move in too. We have the option to purchase the house but we decided that we’d wait about a year or so before making the final decision. It’s a little 2-bedroom house with a HUGE large fenced backyard and a little fenced front yard. Basically it is our house since the landlords told us, do whatever you want to the house in regards to making any changes I want physically to the house-in a good way of course-just as long as we don’t paint the walls black is all they ask. So, Dan and I are thinking of putting new carpeting in, the carpet is good now but we want a different color. I’m going to do some painting and designing of the house and I know I’m going to have fun doing it. When summer hits, we will be getting one of those storage sheds to put in the back yard and put a carport over the driveway. Do some home improvement stuff…we’re both excited about it.

Things have been going great at work, I’m getting another promotion and I found out today that higher management speaks very highly of me, which definitely made me feel good about that. They not only told me that I’m valuable to the company but also told a couple of other managers that I was a wonderful person and delightful to work with and have a great personality. And that I’m such a hard worker that I deserve the promotion. So I’m excited that this promotion will be here sooner than I thought.

The sad part, I don’t have very many friends anymore to share the joy of it all…but I’m glad that I have Dan to share it with. My closest friends are always too busy with their lives and such but that’s cool. It just kind of sucks that I have to read about my best friends wedding online….**sigh**. Oh well…such is life I guess. We all get busy…

Anyway…not really much else to talk about really. So I best be going. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~