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What a Wednesday...**sigh** Thursday will be better!!

2003-07-30 @ 10:21 p.m.

Another busy day in the ole' office today. My buddy Matt came in today for his panel interview with us. It went really well, although it really bothered me that the "particular" person that I have spoke of before has a tendency of pissing me off all the time that is in my group asked questions that I feel should not have been asked. I spoke to Kevin about how I felt about her asking Matt these questions, especially about her asking for his resume. I'm sorry, I've been management before and in my book for her to ask Matt for his resume was not needed. This interview is to make sure that those of us that will have to work together get along together. Looking at his resume was none of her business, she does not make the final decision of the hiring and it has nothing to do with the fact we all get along or not. We started doing these panel interviews after she started because she is one that none of us get along with and has caused many problems in our group so, for her to even have the nerve...ugh...I'm still bothered by it. Anyway, other than that it went very well.

Oh, and the nerve for her to just come up to me out of the blue and caught me totally off guard begging me for my forgiveness. She was begging me to fogive her, I just looked at her and said "I don't know what you're talking about" and I walked away. I spoke with Kevin about this as well and told him that he knows that I have lost respect for her completly and that I only talk to her on a professional level. I refuse to be on a personal level with her. And the only reason I am being "professional" with her is because I promised Kevin that I would. Now, for her to come up to me out of the blue and begging me for my forgiveness asking that whatever she has done or said to please forgive her. I'm sorry, but, lady, the damage is already done, I've given you more than your fair share of chances to have a better attitude and to not push my buttons anymore and she has failed each and every one of them. She's hit the max with me on it all. So, now, it's just staying on a professional level. The less talking with her the better.

On a good note, Kyle and I will be meeting for lunch tomorrow. I usually only get a 1/2 hour for lunch, but, I spoke with Kevin and will be taking an hour and staying a 1/2 hour late just so that I can have a longer lunch with Kyle. Since all of this stuff with his x has started, I haven't seen him and I miss him dearly. Kevin asked me that he thought that Kyle was out of the picture, and I told him what Jenn had said last night, this chapter isn't over yet. Soooo, we'll see how it all goes. He just nodded his head. lol. I'm sure it will be a very good lunch.

On my break today, one of the caps that the dentist put on my tooth as a temp till the actual bridge comes in came out today, still my headaches since Monday when I was in there refuses to go away. So, today when they got me in after work to put this cap back on, my dentist wrote me a prescription for Tylenol with Codiene, and I must say, I feel no pain right now. I have been sleeping and watching a dvd (with my eyes closed of course, lol) off and on since I got home from the dentist. It's so nice not having my head pounding! So, if my entry is jargled in some areas, it's the codiene talking... :o)

Well, I'm off back to bed for the rest of the night till 5 am anyway for another busy day. And very much looking forward to my lunch date tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes.

Ciao babes, and good night...

Blessed Be!