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Vail, Colorado

2004-10-08 @ 2:34 p.m.

Wow, it definitely has been a busy week last week and this week as well as the fact that I havenít updated in a while. Sorry about that. Well, hmmmmÖwhere should I start?

Well, work has been a handful the last couple of weeks and will get even busier this month since we will be updating everyoneís systems as well as the State. Weíll have to be going to the State offices and all and working after hours, which I donít mind, itís overtime for me. Also been helping out Linda fixing her computer, helping Jenn with hers and of course working on my personal computer as well.

So anyway, Deb and I went to Vail last weekend. Her and I took Friday as a vacation day and stayed at the Vail Cascade Resort and Spa. I had a special invite for 2 free nights ($950.00 a night value depending on season), free dinner for 2 and 2 free massages. IT WAS AWESOME!!! Friday we left Denver by 11:30 and got to the resort by 1:45. We checked in then had to take a tour of the facility (that was the catch by the way) and to listen to their sales pitch. That lasted for about a Ĺ hour. That was at 2:00 pm. Then at 3:00 our room was finally ready so we headed there and dropped off our things. 4:00 we were scheduled to have our massages so about 3:30 we started to head to the Aria Spa. That place was cool, they have a sanctuary with an AWESOME huge fireplace in the middle, lounge comfort chairs like the kind they had during the Roman times and we had made some fresh herbal tea that was made with the tea press which by the way are pretty cool (I want one for my desk here at work), they had apples in a sterling silver bowl, hot water in a sterling silver hot water dispenser. You can order food or whatever you wanted into the sanctuary. 4:00 came and they came to get Deb and I for our massages. Deb said that they didnít know her name when they came to get her (I was called first) so they asked for the guest of Ms. Clement. It was weird being called that all weekend. Iím not quite used to that, and the fact that everyone knew my name there. I had VIP status while being there. After the massage we went into the ladies locker room and well, we took a shower and jumped in the Jacuzzi which felt really nice then took another shower to cool down and as Deb went to the sanctuary I went into the sauna and laid there butt-ass naked all to myself with the smell of Eucalyptus it was so nice. Then I went and took another shower and relaxed with more herbal tea in the sanctuary.

Dinner was scheduled for 8:00 but called and asked if we could come sooner. We had dinner at 7:15 and when I asked what the limitations were for our dinner she said that we were able to order anything and itís covered except for the alcohol. Which was fine. Deb and I ordered a seafood sampler appetizer that had Seared Ahi, huge shrimp, fresh raw oysters and huge crab legs. And they werenít skimpy on the servings either. For dinner we had Filet Mignon and Lobster. The lobster was HUGE and the steak to die for! And to drink, I tried my first martini-a cosmos martini. My x-husband used to tell me that Martiniís are those kind of drinks that you either love them or hate them and well, the one I had were awesome. I had 2 glasses and was already feeling the affects. So, all in all, our dinner came out to $150.00 and we didnít even pay a dime of that. Just the drinks and tip that came out to $54.00. Then we went back to our room and of course we each had our own queen size bed and we just chilled for the rest of the evening. We were at dinner for 2.5 hours. Oh, the place where we had dinner was Chapís Chophouse. This place is voted the ONLY 4 star restaurant in the state of Colorado. And the service was wonderful!!

Saturday we went to Vail Village, which is like a little village with little shops and all. It was cute and it was a gorgeous day but it was very very expensive. I only spent money for lunch and a baseball hat for Dan. After we got back Deb and I got in our swimsuits and went to the outdoor Jacuzzi that was right below our room and chilled there for a couple of hours and ordered pool side service for a couple of Pina Coladaís then went back to the room, changed to our PJís (it was 5:00 pm) and just chilled and watched TV and ordered room service for dinner. We did head down to the movie theatre there in the resort to go get some sodas but that was the last time we went out until it was time to leave the next morning. I'll add some pictures in here soon.

Got back early because Dan and I had planned on getting together early and then I took him home Monday morning on my way to work and he was leaving that morning with his dad on vacation back to Wisconsin to visit his sister and his new Godson. Dan comes back home tomorrow which I am all excited about. I received e-mails from him but itís just not the same. I miss him so much and so does DJ and Kitty. DJ just kept calling for him last night it was actually cute.

Other than that, busy workingÖand Iím hoping to get my settlement taken care of here from my car accident. Everything coming out of my pocket is hurting me in the long run. This is why itís best that everyone has car insurance because not only itís a burden for you but for the party that you hit as well. With her not having insurance (the lady that hit me) all of this has caused a HUGE financial bind. I just want this done and over with.

I go back to the doctor next week so Iím hoping that she can release me at the most 100% that I can get for my back and neck so that I can let my lawyers know, lets take care of this NOW! **sigh** Wish me luck! Blessed Be!!

Much Love~