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Life Update...

Thursday, Feb. 03, 2005 @ 10:14 a.m.

Things have been hectic lately…. obviously Nick hasn’t changed. His attitude got the best of me yesterday and I just bluntly told him how I felt. It needs to change, simple as that.

We’ve been having our servers go down like crazy so that’s been a bit stressful for all of us in the LAN department. Ugh! And then of course I have this huge project going on as well. But, it’s all-good. I have to go through 5 years worth of stuff, and I’m going at a pretty good pace here. I got all my daily stuff done, put some classical in my cd player, put on my headphones and disappear into classical land as I work on this project so that no one will bother me. Let’s hope it works.

Other than that, things have been going good. I’m still waiting patiently on my settlement and still dealing with those money hungry bill people that fell behind from the accident. But slowly, very slowly getting back on my feet. It’s becoming a long and tedious effort but I’m trying…that’s all that I can do.

Things with Dan and I are going great! We’ve been discussing a lot of things about our future and our present. We just keep getting stronger and stronger each day and conquering any tasks or obstacles that get in our way. And winning!

Did you know that we have some people in this office that DO NOT know how to read the printer when it needs paper?

Someone just came up to me and said that they need to print a 114-page report on our laser printer; they said, "something is wrong with the printer and I don't know what it is and don't know what the error that it is saying means". So, I go look at the printer, it says "Load Paper A4" well, I opened the drawer and it's empty, I load the paper. I told them "it just needs paper, there ya go, you're all set" and he says, "why didn't it just say that it's empty?" hmmm, I didn't say anything, I smiled and left them to their work.

And so, the trivia question for today is..."What does "Load Paper" mean?

Hmmm…what an interesting office that I work in…well, must get back to work…Blessed Be!!

Much Love~