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Upset, Pissed, Numb

2004-03-28 @ 9:42 p.m.

Iím not sure what to say about how my weekend was.

Friday was good. Jenn and I went shopping, ate dinner and sat here and had a couple of beers sitting out on the deck in the nice weather. Then at about 11:30 I went and picked up Dan, we watched a movie, had a wonderful evening, curled up in each otherís arms going to bed late and took him to work early the next morning.

Saturday, after bringing Dan to work, I had to go to Pontiac to fix the recall on my vehicle, came home and just slept for a couple of hours, I was so exhausted for having only 3 Ĺ hours of sleep the night before, and then Jenn and I went to Danís work so that I can get some kitty, fish and bird stuff and said hi to Dan then we left to go see Jennís sister Aimee, then bowling. The weirdest thing happened while I was at bowling, I was talking to Dan on my cell, then it was my turn so I asked him to talk to Jenn for a moment, and it was weird because he told Jenn exactly what I was doing, what I did on my turn, how many pins I left, everything. It was just so strange, Jenn had to look around to see if he was there, but, he wasnít. It was pretty ironic. I tell ya, itís that ďspecial bondĒ it was cool, just weird.

Sunday, well, basically cleaning day, and a bad day that I care to not discuss right now. Although, I did lock my keys in the house, couldnít get a hold of Linda or Dustin, so, I broke into my house to get in. That was just real fun. Then played some online games.

So, this has pretty much been my weekend. What my week holds, besides work, I donít know. Iím just pretty upset right now and a tad bit pissed so, weíll see what the results to this ďlittleĒ event from today will bring. I know, I havenít mentioned what it is, and itís only because I donít want to talk about it right now. Maybe soon I will, not sure yet. But, weíll see. But, weíll see. Honestly, I'm more upset than pissed. I also feel a bit numb, like thereís no reason that I should be pissed and should only be a tad bit upset, but I donít know. I really donít know. Itís strange.

Well, update to my mood, I feel a bit better. Dan just called and told me what was up, so, it's all good. Now I understand why I wasn't feeling so pissed off, just upset and he explained. My poor baby is sick and isn't doing too well. I'll probably see him tomorrow evening depending on how he is feeling.

Much Love~