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TGIF Discoveries

2003-09-19 @ 7:26 a.m.

Well, it's been a few days since I've written, and can I just say that I am so so so glad that it's Friday!!! This week has just been hectic...and it's still not over will be by 4 pm today! ugh!

Well, of course, last night I started feeling sick and just drained. It's that damn bug going around. I was thinking this morning, and looking at myself in the mirror, and although I seem to be losing weight, little by little of course, it just doesn't look like it. Also, I discovered that my bras are getting smaller, I have grown another cup size! I can't believe it. And I thought that my girls have stopped growing in cup size when I was at least 18, apparently not! My girls are no longer a C cup, they have decided to become a D cup. Oh gawd! The only good thing about it is that once I start showing the weight coming off the girls will look good...but, until then I guess I have to deal!

Oh geez, as I'm writing this my "particular person" that I'm not too fond of is whispering at her desk about our group...gee, does she ever stop?!?! Yes, I'm at work, it's before my shift starts hehe. I won't have time to write in here later because I will be really swamped today. And feeling a bit crappy isn't helping either. But, I'll's the weekend and I'll feel fine and dandy by Monday.

I've also discovered this morning that I really need to do a few changes with myself both physically and emotionally...just gotta figure out where to start. Or I should say what I should start with. That will be my thoughts for today as I work away. I know one thing, NO MORE DAMN FAST FOOD!!! I really have to quit eating out, not only is it expensive, but, it's not healthy either. Although, at least I can get away with eating at Sweet Tomatoes, at least I know that's healthy.

Another thing that I failed to scar from my surgery 10 years ago, well, has started to drain again...ugh...this isn't supposed to happen...maybe that explains my issues some from whenever I eat, doesn't matter how much...I just want to puke it all back out...I know, gross...but, that's how I feel anymore whenever I eat. Bleh!! Well, anyway, until I can write more, I must start my work.

Have a wonderful day to all...

Blessed Be!!