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The Swan ~Season 2~

2004-05-11 @ 1:18 p.m.

Has anyone seen the reality show The Swan? Jenn and I have been watching it the last few weeks and itís amazing how these women come out looking when itís all said and done! I so much want to do this. I have the application and all the requirements that they need to apply as one of the contestants. Iím anxious yet scared.

Iím anxious to get this paperwork filled out and sent out along with a video tape and pictures and get it sent out. But Iím scared because I basically would have to put my life on hold, Iím talking my job. If I were married or living with someone it wouldnít be so bad but since Iím not married, what happens to my house, my bills and my job? Things like thatÖdo I lose it all? It doesnít say anything in the paperwork about all your daily expenses and what happens to them when you do this if you are picked.

It does say that you have to maintain your medical insurance and asks if you have job security if you leave for a few months and return. The deadline to get this stuff in is June 18th and that will be here sooner than you think.

Jenn says that I should still send my paperwork in and see what happens. I mean, all they can say is no, right? Doing this I feel will help me a great deal, not only on the outside but the inside as well. I really want to do this yet part of me is still having doubts about it. I could care less about the pageant that they have with it, itís more of the whole new full body makeover is what Iím interested in.

I think that it would be an exciting experience to go through something like this. I mean, you think about it only the celebrities can do something like this on a regular basis because they have the money for it but your average person canít. Such as others and myself.

Let me know what your comments are on this. Iím anxious to know what everyone thinks about this. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~