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My Dream-Spiders

2003-03-24 @ 1:39 p.m.

What a day...once again we're getting the wonderful snow was raining at first, now, just huge flakes, makes me want to just curl up in bed today, unfortunatly I can't...too much to do today.

I had a weird dream last night, or I should say this morning since I didn't even go to bed till 4 sleeping habits are just so messed up...ugh. Anyway, I had this about spiders, and my brother and sister were Lisa and Bart funny, but, they were. These spiders were poisonous and well, we kept moving and moving from one area to another and these spiders just kept following up, in my dream one of them bit me. Next thing I know there were these drugs that were threaded into ropes and then just disappeared, then, recieved a call from my mom (in my dream, dad was Homer but, my mom was my mom) and she said that she had a crush on someone since Homer was gone (we had moved). It was just weird and that's where it ended. But, the main thing that stood out were the spiders. HMMM, my dream book says when you dream of spiders "often symbols of cunning individuals who may be laying traps for you-in their webs. The web itself, meanwhile, is frequently representative of the complexities of life."

Lord knows that I have enough complexities in my life right now. Did I tell you, my life sux right now...but, damn if I'm going to let it drag me down anymore...this is just unreal!!!

Till Later...

Blessed Be!