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Sorrowful Love...

2003-10-27 @ 9:23 p.m.

Upon the darkness of the night

Gazing up at the starlit sky

Amazed at the wondrous sight

I feel myself begin to cry

Sadness devouring me

Loneliness that will always be

Pain that is endless

An unmended heart

Tearful eyes

A broken dream

For what ails me lies in the mist

The mist of my own inner demon

An inner evil groaning and feeding

Upon my very self being

My hate

My sadness

My anguish

My loneliness

My sorrow

My darkness

My pain

How can I control this beast?

When will this cease?

Who am I?

Watching the leaves blow by

Time slipping away

Hardening of the clay

Unable to be shaped

Unable to be changed

Cracks and turns to dust

All I can do is wait for dusk

Until then I am broken