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Craziness has begun and Secrets revealed

2004-05-17 @ 7:33 p.m.

This weekend has just been nuts!!! Well, hmmm, where do I start?

Well, Mom is still ignoring me and I found out from Dad that my uncle went in Friday morning for double bypass heart surgery. He came out of it with flying colors! I find out about some family skeletons that have been in the closet for 40 years AT LEAST… although I won’t discuss it here in case other family members read my diary which I have no clue if someone is or not. If I do post it in here it will have to be a locked entry and I haven’t decided yet if that is what I will do that yet or not. But I do have it written in my regular journal.

Dan helped me a lot and had some good points about how to handle the skeletons and how it has made me a much stronger person. And looking at everything in a different perspective of things, which has helped quite a bit.

Dan had a crazy schedule this weekend having to work split shifts till all hours of the night as well as working Sunday on his day off. It was nice that Dan stayed here all weekend. Even though he worked the crazy schedule we were still able to spend time together.

I have to say though that Dan and Kitty (my cat of course), my goodness…Kitty loves him so much she waits for him at the door. She meows like crazy when she sees Dan come in the house with me and rolls over on her back right away for him to rub her belly. Yes, my cat loves having her belly rubbed like a dog and as rough as a dog. Although, the cutest thing did happen with the two of them yesterday morning. Kitty always sleeps on the bed with us and she had squeezed in between Dan and I, Dan put his arm around her to pet her and he was still laying in bed with his head on the pillow and Kitty decides to lay on her side-both of them facing me-Kitty lays on her side and places her head on the pillow as well and places her paw on me to include me in on the snuggle that was going on. As I watched them they both fall back to sleep it was just so adorable that at that moment I wish that I had my camera. Kitty does some crazy stuff that’s for sure. She’s not your ordinary cat. As I’m writing this she’s watching the door for Dan to come in, it’s so cute. Last week, it was too funny, in the middle of the night Dan and I looked for Kitty and we were laying in bed and we saw Kitty at the foot of the bed laying on her back with all 4 paws up in the air. Dan and I curled back up together and fell back asleep and next thing we know we heard a loud thump and a loud howl and we both jumped. I thought that Dan fell out of the bed, and Dan didn’t know what it was either and he looked on the floor, poor Kitty fell off the bed. Poor thing yet was kind of a cute funny.

DJ (my bird) on the other hand has been mad at me for the last few days for trimming his wings. He’s really going to be mad at me when I have to trim his claws. But, he’ll get over it eventually.

Anyhoo, there’s more to write about but I’ve written a book as it is so I’ll stop here. I have to work on some procedure manuals and write some letters. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~