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Sweet Sensual Romance

2004-04-19 @ 3:21 p.m.

I am so happy! And so is Dan. There is just something that is strong between us and with him being Cancer and I Pisces, what they say about our compatibility is so true! And I have to say, those 3 little words ILY were revealed first by Dan last Thursday and much more last night by Dan as well as in return my 3 little words ILY.

I have to admit that I didnít think that I would feel the same for anyone since Paul had hurt me so deeply, I guess itís true what they say that patience is a virtue as well as the fact that your true love will walk in your life when you least expect it. We both feel that our true soul mate for each other has walked into each otherís life. And my feeling for Dan is much deeper than it ever was for Paul. Itís an amazing feeling. Very amazing!!!

Iíve always believed that we all have two soul mates in our lives. One that teaches us to love and hurt and the other to love, be happy and spend the rest of our lives with. And well, Paul was the first, and Dan; well heíll be the last. The one thatís meant to be.

Dan says that our lovemaking is as he calls it ďSweet Sensual RomanceĒ which works for me. I told him itís too passionate for us to call it the ďnastyĒ. Hehe.

Anyhoo, today has been a good day and going very very quickly today. Which is good, as long as the evening goes slow when Dan and I are together tonight. Then itís all-good.

Well, this is a short entry, itís about time to go home here in about 30 minutes so I will write more soon. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~