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Stupid Drivers and Good Deeds

2004-07-12 @ 12:38 p.m.

Today is a short day for me todayÖ.woooohooo!!! I have a dentist appointment and so I am out of here today at 1:30.

I have to say, I did my good deed for the day. On my way to work Iím driving down 6th Ave West and there was this guy that was driving like a maniac jumping from lane to lane. Well, anyway here I am driving along and 2 cars in front of me this guy that is swerving everywhere hits this mini truck so hard that all I saw was glass shattering everywhere. Scared the shit out of me. What if that was me 2 cars up? Apparently the accident damaged a total of 3 cars. So I picked up my phone and called 911 right away and reported the accident. They asked me if there were any injuries and I told them I have no idea but the guy was hit pretty hard.

I canít believe how some people can drive in this town sometimes. The traffic wasnít so bad at 6:45 this morning; we werenít bumper to bumper either. The guy that caused the accident was all the way on the left lane and he cut all the way to the 4th lane to get onto the exit. Come on people, why not plan your driving a bit sooner so that you are in the lane you need way ahead of time. That I donít understand why people have to cut all the way across like that when they know what exit they need in the first place. All I can say is that I hope that everyone was ok in the accident.

I forgot to mention that last weekend (not this one that just passed) Dan and I had gone to the Zoo. Heís lived here for 10 years and never had been to the Zoo here in Denver. Iíve lived here for 6 years as of today and Iíve been to the Zoo at least 4 times. But we had a good time. Dan couldnít believe the size of the fish especially the Pacu, that thing was HUGE. Heís used to seeing the small ones that they sell in his store. So he was pretty amazed. We were both like little kids in a candy store. We walked for 4 hours that day. But we had a good time.

Tonight Dan and I are hooking up after he gets off work and spend some time together since we really didnít see much of each other over the weekend. He went out with the guys Friday and I went out with the girls. We were talking last night how it was odd in a way that we werenít together that night and how we were both thinking about each other the whole time we were out apart.

The bowling alley called me today and asked if I could work tomorrow so I said sure so Iím back to 2 days a week again. But Iím honestly beginning to wonder if I should even stay working there. Mike that works there is a total ASS!!! He has a tendency of trying to look down my shirt or rub his arm against my chest. What a loser. Heís a horrible trainer as well. He doesnít even give me the chance to learn the front counter like heís supposed to. And he has this attitude. There was one day that I was working in the back and he didnít know that I was back there working and well next thing I know heís on the phone in the smaller office just yelling at the top of his lungs to his wife (who looks like a guy by the way, and the kids, ishÖwe wonít go there) but he was yelling ďget your fucking ass over here to the bowling alley NOW!!!!Ē ďI donít give a shit what youíre doing, get your fat ass over here! I expect you to be here in the next 10 minutes!!!Ē I have to say I was a bit freaked. Mainly because I have gone through the abuse and at that moment I just wanted to tell him where to go. He has no respect for his wife and kids, for anyone for that matter. When he was done yelling at her he came out and saw me, looked at me and said sorry and hurried out of the office. I did not want to even be in the same room with him. I seriously do not like working with him whatsoever. Iím thinking of suggesting working different nights. I told Dan everything that has happened and about this guy and Dan said that he worries about me when Iím at work at the bowling alley. Dan has seen and met this guy when Dan and I first started dating and we went bowling. Dan isnít too fond of him. Of course, Iím not either. And I worry about myself as well. I think Iíll talk to Dan more about it this evening about which nights etcÖ

Well, I better get going for now. I have an hour left of my day so I should at least accomplish something today before I go get my teeth cleaned. Plus itís going to be a short week. Having Friday off and all. :o) Blessed BeÖ

Much Love~