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RTC-3 & Star Wars...

2004-11-15 @ 10:55 a.m.

Well, nothing too much to tell about my weekend except that Dan bought for me my Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 game. And itís shitty that I canít play it. The game has so many glitches in it. It was just released on November 5 and already had a patch for the game that came out the same day. I was so frustrated Saturday about it. I was all excited to play it when Dan bought it for me and then after I downloaded it it wouldnít work. I was so bummed about it. So I went and upgraded all my drivers and it still wouldnít work. Iím still waiting for someone from the forum to look at my specs in case they see something that I missed. Itís just strange because I have all the requirements, so I donít know what the deal is.

From what Iíve read, Iím not the only person having issues with it as well as the fact that there are a lot of disappointed people. Atari/Frontier only tested it on a few platforms and not all platforms. Iíve been looking forward to this game since the announcement about it and now that I have it, I canít play it. **Sigh**

Another announcement that came outÖon May 19, 2005 Star Wars Episode 3-Revenge of the Sith comes out and Iím all excited about it. Youíll have to check out the trailer for it. It rocks! I love the picture that it has of Anikin and Darth Vador, itís so cool. Dan and I are anxious for the movie to come out. Yep, Iím a huge Star Wars fan, in 4th grade we went on a field trip to watch Star Wars when it first came out. That was the best field trip a kid could have, including when I went on the glass bottom boat in Guam several times for a school field trip as well. Anyway, check out the trailer for the movieÖseriously, it rocks!!!

Anyhoo, hopefully I can get to play my RTC-3 here soon. So, I will continue to fix things and keep trying until I do. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~