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Rest In Peace Dwaine Hooten...

2004-10-25 @ 10:30 p.m.

I’m at a loss for words. I found out tonight that a good friend of both Jenn and I died-due to a fight that has now became a homicide. The incident happened on October 10 and he had been in a coma for the last two weeks. Today was the visitation and the funeral is tomorrow. Although both Jenn and I didn’t find out until tonight.

Jenn and I used to bowl with him and the last time we saw him was in April when we had our bowling banquet when we went to Central City. I remember Dwaine, Jenn, Jason and I were having such a blast on our way back on the bus. We were all so wasted and oh did Dwaine give me so much shit for my red eyes from being so drunk. Dwaine was a pretty cool guy; he had an attitude and all of us that know him know his attitude well but all in all he was still a good guy. He didn’t deserve this at all. No one deserves to die.

Dwaine had a cocky attitude, but when he isn’t cocky you were actually able to talk to him. He was an awesome bowler. This guy can talk on the cell phone and bowl and still get strikes. Usually when bowling you concentrate before you throw the ball but not Dwaine. Dwaine will just go up to the lane grab his ball off the rack and just run and throw the ball, doesn’t stop just grabs the ball and goes and almost every single time he gets strikes. We used to give each other shit all the time when we were bowling next to each other. I remember one night when his team was bowling against our team and it took us almost 4 hours to finish bowling 3 games when it would usually anywhere from 1 ˝-2 hours to finish. Dwaine held up the game chatting on the cell phone and having an attitude that night and he got really pissed when he got in trouble for holding us up. But, ya know, he’s still a good guy. He’s funny, he can be an ass but he can always be funny although some of his jokes sucked but hey, don’t we all have that? He used to blush when I told him he had a nice ass and we would sit there and flirt with these comments with each other about having sex with each other even though we both knew that we would never get to that point with each other. Majority of us bowlers would play bowling poker where you drew cards every time you would make a mark and almost every single time he would win. The pot was anywhere from $10.00-$25.00 each game. Not once have I ever won and I gave up playing. If it wasn’t Dwaine winning it was Floyd.

I think though that the best time we had with Dwaine besides bowling with him was at Central City on the bus. And he always was on his cell phone…makes me wonder sometimes if that thing was glued to his ear. Lol. Dwaine was a cutie with a nice ass and Jenn and I would always just sit there and giggle at him and we always gave each other hugs when we got there and when we were leaving. In all honesty, since Sean Kelly, Luke Moline and Kevin (can’t remember his last name) Dwaine was the last good looking one on the league-of course Jenn had a thing for Jason which is one of Dwaine’s buddies who bowled on Dwaine’s team. All the rest of the guys either old or married or ugly and for the whole time Jenn and I were the only ones that were single besides Dwaine up until the last few weeks I wasn’t single anymore because I had met Dan. And Jenn, well we won’t go there, that was when it was ˝ and ˝ for her…lol.

Dwaine’s kids are just the cutest little kids. His daughter is so adorable; she had the darkest long hair just like her daddy and the biggest gorgeous brown eyes. He used to bring his kids bowling with him and Jenn and I used to sit there and watch his kids go back and forth and attack Dwaine’s wallet no matter where he placed his wallet. His sons would just go back and forth every 3-5 minutes for money to go put them either in the video games or the toy games. Jenn and I would sit there and laugh watching his sons do this and just give him shit for it. Dwaine would tell us that his kids think that he’s always made out of money and that by the time bowling was done within the 2 hours he would be broke.

My prayers are with Dwaine’s family and friends and hope that Dwaine is now in a better place and that I hope they catch the fuckers that did this to him.

This is the 2nd friend that I have lost here in Denver due to a fight that has led to homicide. To this day they still haven’t caught the guys that killed Tony and I hope that they do soon and hope they catch the guys that did this to Dwaine. If these guys that did these crimes don’t get caught karma will get them eventually.

Dwaine, you will be greatly missed. Blessed Be!

Much Love~